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  • baggindabucks baggindabucks Jul 13, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Z blows away the competition with new mobile game Solstice Arena

    Check out Daniel Tack's Forbes article, his following statements indicate just how serious Z intends to dominate mobile gaming:

    "Quite frankly, Solstice Arena does an excellent job at bringing the core elements of the MOBA to a mobile platform."

    "Solstice Arena is currently the best MOBA experience available on iOS. It’s fairly impressive to see that Zynga, is bringing some streamlined improvements to a genre that has not historically lent itself to mobile play."

    Now that Mattrick has teamed up with Pincus, don't kid yourselves, these guys are determined to win. They have everything going for them including a warchest of cash approaching $2 Bil. No one has asked the question: What did Mattrick see in Z to make him jump ship without a second thought? Please don't say it was the $50 mil, MSFT would have GLADLY given him that and much much more to keep him on board. No my friends, what Mattrick saw in Z was a potentially multi-$billion behemoth with the power to not only dominate all current platforms, but to create new ones and simply TAKE NO PRISONERS!

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