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  • madmonkeydemasi madmonkeydemasi Jul 18, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    all the 83b does is start the clock

    so no short term capital gains need to get paid. They still have to pay tax on the income, just at a LONG TERM rate. It will save them money in taxes, but they still have to pay tax. NO EXEMPTION.

    What is an 83(b) election?

    February 15, 2008

    Failing to make a timely 83(b) election with the IRS is something that could lead to disastrous tax consequences for a startup company founder or employee.

    Founders typically purchase stock pursuant to restricted stock purchase agreements that allow the company to repurchase “unvested” stock upon termination of employment. Similarly, employees may “early” exercise options subject to the company’s ability to repurchase “unvested” shares upon termination of employment.

    Under Section 83 of the Internal Revenue Code, the founder/employee would not recognize income (the difference between fair market value and the price paid) until the stock vests. However, if a founder/employee makes a voluntary Section 83(b) election, the founder/employee recognizes “income” upon the purchase of the stock.

    Typically, the purchase price for the stock and the fair market value are the same. Therefore, if an 83(b) election is made, there is no income recognized. Thus, a founder/employee should almost always make an 83(b) election. The benefits of an 83(b) election generally are starting the one year capital gain holding period and freezing ordinary income (or alternative minimum tax) recognition to the purchase date.

    If the founder/employee does not make the 83(b) election, then he or she may have income at the stock “vests.” The income will be substantial if the value of the shares increases substantially over time.

    For example, assume that a founder purchases stock for $0.01 per share (fair market value is $0.01) and the stock is subject to four year vesting with a one year cliff. The founder does not make an 83(b) election. At the end of the one year cliff, if the stock is worth $1.00/share, then the founder would recognize $0.99/share of

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