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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Jul 21, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    This is the RMG Earnings Report with a side of Mattrick


    This week they have to talk about RMG progress ... how well has the UK gone, well they bought Spooky Cool ... plans are in full swing ... RMG is the future of Zynga ... it all starts this week ... new Facebook RMG terms ... new partnerships ... new casino games ... new visions ... this week starts the New Zynga for the New Longs ... frankly, I'm tired of being reasonable and somewhat "realistic" ... I say this week we move into the $4s and never look back!! There I said ... fire away

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    • Not quite the progress you had in mind, eh blue? You're welcome.

    • Blue I'm on your side, if people would stop think of everything ZNGA has been putting together over the last six months all of what you mentioned and more that we probably don't know about yet. Znga would have to hit the $4 very soon, but when do you think we get that explosion of a $2 to $3 run or more.

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    • point-taken Jul 21, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

      2 more cents.

      Being an outsider to Zynga I have no idea what life is like there on a daily bases. From their point of view, there is too much to do and to little time to get it done. From where I sit, their progress moves slower than a snail. On July 25 I don't expect my socks to be knocked off. None of us do. It is my hope what we learn will be encouraging. The UK has served as a beta for Z before rolling out full emersion. The waste has been trimmed. Spooky has been bought and is producing. And there is a new CEO. Using a construction metaphor, I believe Mattrick has come with a new set of blueprints. The original foundation remains. And the new plans incorporate some of the original design, but offers new structure and new implementation.

      What I expect this Thursday is to hear Z has a solid plan, direction and is acting on this. And, at the risk of being redundant, it is January 2014 when I expect Z to have positive numbers and growth. I offer this up to help keep expectations realistic this week. I think there is big money sitting on the sidelines watching both Zynga and Glu. It will not buy in until there is an assurance these companies can make money. Once that assurance is realized you would be foolish not to have your seatbelt tighten.

    • I concur Blue. Those of us bullish based on pretty solid facts are excited about Thursday's earnings, moreover, the model to be announced by Mattrick ought to rally this stock past $4. For anyone to conclude RMG won't be an important part of his model is living in a dream world. The stock action has not been positive, and has lulled shorts buyers and shorts into a sort of la la-la land, but Friday morning they will wake up and wonder how could they have missed such an obvious awesome opportunity. Hubba hubba and R-T-R

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    • My guess is RMG earnings will be lousy and they will announce a deviation away from RMG.

    • the_nsa_whistleblower the_nsa_whistleblower Jul 21, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

      Hope you are right! It is very agonizing to watch Groupon move up sharply while ZNGA languishes, especially with new CEO and RMG in the offing. I have a feeling (which will hopefully soon be confirmed by the imminent release of the NASDAQ's updated Institutional Holders List as of 30 June, 2013), that large holders continue to accumulate stock, and, as a result, the trading we are witnessing is simply more volatile as a result of a lower available float due to this institutional accumulation of shares which are held and not traded. The stock trading each day is being traded on the fringes by traders taking advantage of a low-float & volatile stock. The volume, as a result, has declined significantly. If my assessment is correct, any significant news will move the stock sharply. Those who post useful information on this board are not the only investors who see the huge opportunities going forward, and my guess is that deep-pocketed investors have been accumulating large positions, especially since Mattricks investiture as CEO. Institutional investors are required to report their holdings by the end of August, with many doing so over the next few weeks. One should not overlook the dramatic impact the news of Jana Holdings newly created position had on the stock price, when that news came out a few months ago. A move over $4.00 may occur as a result of a combination of news coming out of the CC, along with any newly created (or increased) institutional holdings of the stock. Whislte.

    • No need to shoot you down. I'm hopeful too and positioned for the win, I just think it may not be so easy. We will see.

    • I think this week has no choice but to do just that ....only because I cannot see Z missing NJ ....which in my opinion is the only reason the SP would move down ....there may even be a surprise on earnings ....

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      • the_nsa_whistleblower the_nsa_whistleblower Jul 21, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

        If Z does not enter the N.J. market it would in fact be a shocker to everyone. There will no doubt be, at the very least, some discussion of their interest in entering N.J. on the Thursday conference call; however, I would expect to see some news this week either released with the earnings report right after the market close on Thursday, or perhaps sooner, for example, should Wynn announce a deal with Z early this week when they report. I think it's just as likely that Z will piggyback with their U.K. partner, who has already announced a deal with a N.J. casino..In any event, Z offers any potential N.J. partner a huge base of potential gamers, having the largest base of social gamers of any company that could potentially sign a deal in Jersey. Pincus & Mattrick both understand that RMG will be Zynga's bread-and-butter in the future, and they also understand how important it is to shareholders that the company show progress going down the RMG path. What better way to satisy shareholders than to announce a deal this week? It is my opinion that Zynga has not yet announced such a deal in order to give Mattrick the opportunity to put his stamp-of-approval on it before going forward and announcing their N.J. partner; after all, he has been on boards only a few weeks, but by now has had the time to review and approve the work Pincus has done in this area.

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