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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Jul 23, 2013 6:32 AM Flag

    Zynga Dreamer Reality Check Day (KNOW)


    Listen, I know that I've been somewhat overly optimistic about Zynga's potential lately. And, I want to thank Social's reality check to keep me from getting too out of control. The "thumbs ups" are nice and the informed conversations are amazing, but this post is for the guy that has put everything into Zynga ... "the Zynga dreamer". This post is for "that guy or gal" that has invested his hopes and dreams here. I want to do a quick reality check as we stand here today ... a quick "what we know", "what we think" and "what we hope for" ... it won't be an all-inclusive list because I'm doing it from the top of my head at 0630AM ... but, it will get us close to where we need to be:

    1) Pincus said he sees "mind blowing possibilities" in online gambling ... (in other words, important)
    2) Zynga acquired the "real money gaming" patents of Walker Digital and filed their own
    3) Zynga hired Maytal Olsha from 888Holdings (Senior VP of Commercial and Regulated Markets)
    4) Wynn attempted a "partnership" with PokerStars and a buyout of bwin (both failed due to legal concerns)
    5) Pincus and Wynn had partnership talks
    6) Zynga and bwin formed an exclusive partnership to launch RMG as a test market in the UK
    7) Zynga acquired Spooky Cool while cutting other staff (a small company loaded with RMG talent)
    8) At launch, bwin said " they hoped to expand partnership into new markets worldwide"
    9) bwin's business model is based upon affiliates to gain players and liquidity in "new markets"

    WHAT WE THINK is next

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    • This is a good summation of events. You may want to add the recent CEO change.

      Does it make Zynga more appealing to a buyer -- since Mark Pincus would be unlikely to remain in a management role after a buyout?

      Does it increase the likelihood of Zynga RMG on the Xbox?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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