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  • ernesqr ernesqr Jul 24, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    To bluessky and all longs

    Guys dont be too optimistic do you relly think this company will fly up? I am long and I have lost money in the past with this co. when was at 15 I bought and had to sell at 9 . then bought at 3.25 and I am holding even when it came down to 2 something so dont be overoptimistic just sit tight and wait,good if go up but just hold if goes down but dont keep posting HOPES market dont work with hopes

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    • I bough tmy first shares at 10 first day traded and still own those share.I have been able to cost avg down to 3.65 I believe this will be a double digit stock down the road!

    • ernesqr.......just some advice if you have kids....try not to take that attitude with them....because they will grow up being negative (just like some of the children on this board)......Hope and optimism are good things not bad things....without them the word would come to a standstill or worse....hope and optimism are what make people get out of bed day after for this stock....we all invested in it and we all know the downside and the up......and with that we all have two be hopeful or negative about it....but honestly I would not understand any investor who invests in a stock he is not hopeful about....if the stocks tanks tomorrow then it tanks..but for those of us who had least we didn't suffer the last week worrying about it....Im sure you are a nice guy and meant no harm with your advice.....but just thought I would take the opportunity to point out that there is enough negativity in the world...and when you can be happy and full of hope you should take the opportunity.

    • You are such a loser. You have by your own admission only lost money playing on ZNGA. What gives you any clout to tell anybody what to do or post?

      You stink worse than Hapu's toilet.

    • i am long and i am not over optimistic but i do think things will reset for better from tomorrow. we are rock bottom and things will only go better. true value of the stock of this company even at lowerd expectation is above $5 .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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