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  • phat_mon Jan 17, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

    ZNGA Earnings Forecast vs. Actual last 3 Quarters for Bookings

    ** During Q2 earnings forecasted $125 MM - $150 MM for Q3. Bookings came in at $152 MM for Q3
    ** During Q1 earnings forecasted $180 MM - $190 MM for Q2. Bookings came in at $188 MM for Q2
    ** During Q4 earnings forecasted $200 MM - $210 MM for Q1. Bookings came in at $230 MM for Q1

    ZNGA history of beating, Agee is going to be wrong with his $130 MM bookings estimate that caused 80 MM shares traded.

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    • phat_mon Feb 1, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

      Why don't we update this with the recent reporting:

      ** During Q3 earnings forecasted $130 MM - $140 MM for Q4. Bookings came in at $148 MM for Q4

      So, 4 quarters in a row beat midpoint by the following:
      ** $25 MM, $3 MM, $14.5 MM, $13 MM

      4 quarters history relative to the high end of their range:
      ** $20 MM, -$2 MM, $2 MM, $8 MM

      Agee not looking at the trends here.

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    • phat_mon Feb 1, 2014 2:00 PM Flag

      Take a look at this message on January 17th after Agee. Us ZNGA Yahoo posters know what we are talking about. More than the high paid analysts!

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    • its a sure beat in q4 , none of the games dropped drasticaly, and new games did well , key is how big will be fy14. keep finger crossed .

      however , zynga needs to speed up game launch and add new revenue streams if they want to regain the pre ipo numbers. bitcoin is good , new platforms they are trying (kik , steam) is good , social casino is good.

      key is more visibility in fy14 game launches and what additional revenue source they are adding in fy14. i am sure DM and the entire board is focused on this

    • Q3 was breakeven as I saw it (a mere loss of what, like $60k?) so I just can't see how Q4 can't be favorable.

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      • phat_mon Jan 17, 2014 3:34 PM Flag

        Pretty much. As much as Agee wants to claim his projections are immanent, they are still just guesstimates. The true facts are 3 quarters of a company guiding with forecasted bookings that they consistently beat. Bookings are the direct correlation to revenue. Our leadership projected $130-140 MM bookings for Q4. Agee moved his speculation from them achieving $137 down to $130. The history shows we will either hit the $137 or even beat the upper end of $140. All still within the guided range. This is all about perspective. There is a good deal of under promising going n in my opinion. Carry on...

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    • After Z does the 4th Q CC, Agee Opinion with be worthless moving forward....Man I can't wait for Zynga to feed them a big old Shiet Burger.....

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    • Exactly! This will be a guarantee beat...u think Don is going to miss his real first quarter? It's not too hard to figure out....all u have to do is keep track of MAU's DAU's....their ARBPU is the one good thing they have done...there has been no significant drop and the new games have done well...they will usual it will be about guidance but I think Don will be all positive talk for doubt yesterday was a pure scam and this jumps on CC

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      • I preached write offs last qtr. They did not do it. What does it mean. They better be here this qtr. omgpop cannot stay an asset when it has been wound down already. At least that goodwill must be written off. Also, any restructuring costs, that were not available last qtr., will likely come off this qtr.

        But----as I closed my short out yesterday and today...even I know this could be a great earnings play...that is if it is cheap enough. I may go long for a play. Not until next week at the earliest though. I have to put time into this.

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      • phat_mon Jan 17, 2014 11:34 AM Flag

        You are correct Grab! And if you recall, they said last time they are now "profitable" and we project "growth" for 2014. Do you happen to know what time the earnings call will be?

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