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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Feb 9, 2014 10:00 AM Flag

    Tesla has a plant, equipment, an assembly line, and cutting edge research and development.

    I deeply respect the California based company and its brilliant founder, a true visionary, and unlike your average silicon boy wonder in all respects. Greed and wealth accumulation are not the prime motivators for Elon Musk. At $186-, the stock may or may not be a good investment at this point, because in the coming decline, it too will likely succumb. What does ZNGA have? There's probably not a legitimate engineer in the traditional sense among the entire crew at the ZNGA Brain Trust, though ZNGA has only 700 less employees than Tesla, a company with an actual product. ZNGA has rows of computers, servers, desks, chairs, and not much more, though I am quite partial to the neon lit Tunnel of Love. This all exposes a fatal flaw in ZNGA's so-called freemium business model. There are extremely limited barriers of entry into the field of social gaming, and competition will ramp up at warp speed from low cost environments, which San Francisco most certainly is not. Furthermore, ZNGA's product, asinine fad games, lacks any semblance of utility. Google has utility. Tesla has utility. ZNGA does not. One should also keep in mind there is zero brand loyalty among the gaming addicts. They shift like the wind to and fro and sway to the latest hot drug.

    Summary: If ZNGA, Farcebook, and Twitter represent the new paradigm for the modern American economy, we as a nation are in deep horse manure. We have already essentially signed over our basic manufacturing base to the Chinese, and if you don't think so, go shopping for a washing machine, a toaster, or a simple frying pan. These social byte stocks--nothing more than zeroes and ones-- will be severely hammered in the next market selloff to a degree far exceeding the decline in the major averages.

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    • phat_mon Feb 9, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

      Yea and Tesla has cars with batteries. Expensive batteries, that when are no longer usable and disposed of, pollute the environment worse than any possible carbon footprint possible. Have you ever run the amperage to torque calculations to determine how inefficient this "green" technology is???

      So many idiots out there love to stand on their soapbox pontificate about being "green" and don't even know what Ohms Law is, or Amps Law. Why don't these tree hugging liberal media blowhards just read a freaking engineering book and learn how ridiculous electricity is for automobiles.

      Natural gas is the ONLY source for energy efficient cars period!

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    • your assessment of Musk shows naivete at best

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      • He is able to think outside the box, and his arrogance, a common trait among most entrepreneurs, is not so extreme that it prevents him from hiring people smarter than himself. What's your naive assessment of Mr. Pinus? You already know my opinion.
        Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, was once asked about the key to his success.
        "Simple, I just hired people smarter than me."

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    • elon is a star child

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      • Here's an even bigger question. We have large swaths of the population punching away in virtual realities and absolute narcissism, while they barely observe a standard of living in sharp decline. There's rarely a reader or critical thinker among them, and there are no objections voiced by the sheep over information gathering (esp. F.B.) or privacy intrusions. When the mierda hits the fan, unfortunately only a question of time, what are the implications for a free democratic society?
        It won't be pretty. Brave New World, full of fright.

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