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  • all_the_usual_suspects all_the_usual_suspects Feb 26, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    Where is Odonnelm66 - we want a laugh!

    The world's most ineffective basher! Or, is he really working for the longs?

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    • I video conferenced with xenojoey and sflegend last night to discuss our upcoming bear raid tactics on this rubbish stock. It was difficult to keep sflegend on topic because he all he wanted to discuss was his major investment in Bitcoin, which promptly lost 40% of its value in a hand full of days. I did thank him for his gift of 0.25 Bitcoin, now worth one Happy Meal.
      Suffice to say, we intend to plant fear in the minds of the ZNGA longs by posting anonymous stories on web sites where the bull dog cheerleaders get their investment advice. We already have a number of postings on TMZ and we planted a rumor that Kayne West and his lard bottomed wife, Kim Khardashian, are naked shorting large blocks of ZNGA paper. Kim wears no panties in the photo. Kayne, appropriately enough, is staring in a mirror.
      We have also urged one of our associates, Carl Icahn, to take a large position in ZNGA common shares. Carl will insist on a board seat and he will then ax both the in house gourmet restaurant and the on duty massage therapists. Worker productivity will then plummet at the ZNGA Brain Trust and the latest game release, Likudville, will be postponed indefinitely.

      Summary: Don't underestimate our skills to drive this garbage back to the basement where it belongs. We will allow the delusional longs to have their temporary day in the sun. We might even make the audacious suggestion that ZNGA will lose only five cents a share in the next quarterly report. You have been warned. This lead zeppelin goes down for the full count.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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