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  • grabapairandgolong grabapairandgolong Apr 17, 2014 2:55 PM Flag

    You short donkeys have NO clue what's coming....

    NONE....T-6 days...(or sooner:)

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    • Grab, how are you so confident? I am a Zynga believer but we need to be realistic about what can happen in just 1 earnings call. Thoughts?

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      • Because I'm a Zynga degenerate...I've been breathing Zynga for 1.5 years and I know the company better than some of their has been the problem with Zynga. Keyword "has". They've been only on Facebook with declining users and revenues for 6 quarters. Q1 was the bottom. I can explain why but too long to write and most here don't understand. Users and rev will be close to Q4 and probably a little higher. The key is going to be guidance. Guidance will be raised for Q2. When this happens next week, you will see articles titled "Zynga turning the corner", "Mattrick the savior" etc etc...and I'm not leaving out the possibility of a strategic partnership of some kind...if that happens this can go parabolic...

        I'm expecting (hoping) $4.50 by Wednesday and $6 by end of the month...also look out for upgrades, especially from Goldman...

        Don gave the short donkeys a clue on the David Lee PR, when he said he's looking forward to Q1 results...but most of these donks don't pay attention until it's too late...i.e, Odonellm, sawdonk, Arbourdonk, cheesewiz, and others...

        If this isn't at $6 by the end of the month, I give my username to saw donk...if it is, I get his...T-6 days ;)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • point-taken Apr 17, 2014 5:57 PM Flag

      Wedbush said Zynga should meet or exceed guidance when it reports next week. And why not? Costs are well under control. Money continues to come in. As for future outlook, Zynga will be releasing new games, not just revamped ones. And a little further out, RMG.

      Zynga will be fine next week. So, too, will be Gluu.

    • This better be good! We still have many traders that sold out before the weekend because they feel this maxed out today. They see no future lift off. The game released today was again highly criticized because it continues to exploit Famville which has been out for a while now. In essence the street expectation is to see a new addictive game released in their new platform and make a big splash. The street is unforgiving and skeptical of companies that have been in bearish mode for years and they condition investors to be short sided on these stocks by planting fear. So they sell at the first news out of the gates. T-6 and counting.

    • let the countdown begin.
      I kind of think today's article on Zynga SLIGHTLY beat expectations could be still low.

    • in_the_end_we_are_all_dead in_the_end_we_are_all_dead Apr 17, 2014 5:04 PM Flag

      No they don't! (It's Ernest in disguise)

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