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  • crabby_old_man crabby_old_man Nov 5, 2006 9:37 PM Flag

    insiders sold before 20% spike


    Not sure what you guys are looking at, but I checked the insider transactions and I saw a handfull of small options flips back in August...... right before the price rose from low 50's to mid 60's.

    Say what you will, but if those insider had any sense of market timing, they sure could have done a lot better.

    Also....... why were the ZERO sells in the 60's during the past few weeks? Yahoo message board posters get so hateful over insider sales, but look at their track records. They often buy high and sell low...........

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    • Just pointing out the facts, which if the insiders aren't holding their shares for longer than a month, what's that say about their opinon of the company.

      I wonder, do YHOO insiders hold shares in their company or do they dump them when they get them ??

      Wonder if the employees 401K stock plan is tied to the stock price? Course, their probably all rich and don't care about their stock price.

    • I don't see any on the yahoo site. All it shows is they get shares and then dump them within a few days time.

      Real confidence builders if you will.

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      • Did you also care to see that there were more than 5 million net shares bought by institutions last quarter...Net buys...Now that tells about their confidence in co.. vs less than 50k sells by insiders....
        Now coming to will get a big one tomorrow and believe me it wont be entertaining tomorrow when price spikes past 50...
        I have 10K shares from 20 dollars cost basis and I am well above 100% profit so who cares where does it go in short term...

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