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  • snosurfer08012 snosurfer08012 Dec 6, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    Market melt-up into year end...104-108 (less $2 spec div-wasn't known when call was made)...

    boo yeah...

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    • How ya doin' (apparent global warming denier) snosurfer? Just thought I'd update you with status of WFM puts. Sold the Dec $93's for a little over a 40% profit. Didn't want to be too greedy. But then, you wouldn't understand that, now would you?

      Sentiment: Sell

    • ...all dependent on overall economy. If it just treads water, then yes. However, we still don't know what's going to happen with pending tax hikes and spending cuts.

      Just a general note: if energy prices continue to rise, then Whole Foods should do very well. Organic farming is more energy efficient than conventional farming. Furthermore, more labor is needed for organic farming. So, let's become more efficient WHILE while putting folk back to work.

      Oh yeah, and Whole a better job of sourcing locally. We in New England don't need apples from Peru and peppers from Holland when they're in season here. Work to develop a real local, organic farmer's market...

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      • fiscal cliff is being sensationalized by the FED buying expaectations plus some form of spending cuts is bullish for stocks..look at Europethis week, very bullish, look at Germany (DAX) quietly up almost 30% for the year so far!!!
        Agree on the produce, annoying as hell-didn't see much local produce in my store this summer and I live in the Garden State, borderline pathetic.Some of the issue, unfortunately is the ablility to supply enough for a particular region of stores, it scares farmers off-another is that farm markets are hot and are often more profitable for the farmer.

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