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  • wooglin_kai wooglin_kai Dec 10, 2012 4:40 PM Flag

    enjoyinglife "Going Organic: What's The Payoff?"

    Since posting links is no longer an option, Google "nutrition action going organic". First hit: "Going Organic: What's The Payoff?" kmsmith: feel free to do the same!

    Q & A with "Charles Benbrook is a research professor at Washington State University's Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources in Pullman. He has served as executive director of the Board on Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences and as chief science consultant for The Organic Center, a research and educational organization."


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    • ...yes, thanks. I referred to Charles Benbrook in another post. He wrote a report in 2008 titled: "Nutritional Superiority of Organic Food" and it cites many studies. The mass media won't cover his work like it did the Stanford study (not done by scientists), because he challenges the commercial endeavors that support them (seriously, everyone and their brother knows about this Stanford nonsense...the air waves were pummeled). Also, many choose organic, not solely for health benefits to oneself but also because they care about the the environment. So, even if there were no personal health benefits (there are), there would still be a very strong argument for growing food organically...

    • Thanks. I'll stop being such a curmudgeon and do some real research for a change. Anecdotally, I'm a fan of crop rotation, composting, and beneficial use of insects, but also agree there is room for Monsanto, et. al. in the mix (that's why we have too many(?) federal, state, and county regulators).

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