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  • natsu4fun natsu4fun Jan 19, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

    When will the lawsuits start?

    This is not the first time John Mackey had violated his own company's code of conduct. People like John Mackey believe rules don't apply to them, that they are special. There is something we can do to teach him a valuable business lesson.
    The CEO is clearly clueless as to his key customer demographics. As soon as sales start dropping (and they will, considering the controversy), shareholders will come after the company and the board. John Mackey is in violation of company's Code of Conduct , plus he is a liability to public shareholders. His radical libertarian/tea-party political activism is not disclosed in Whole Foods annual SEC filings as a risk factor.
    We are at the precipice of inevitable legal action, and John Mackey is in the hot seat.
    I suggest contacting Whole Foods board of directors and the SEC, to inform them of violations.

    Here is their Chairman of the Board, John B. Elstrott, Phd. Tel 504-865-5462 Please mention that CEO John Mackey is in breach of Code of Conduct and that his political activism was not disclosed as a risk factor in the Annual Report.
    For SEC, you can find info on their website. They do follow up on consumer/shareholder complaints. Do your part and make your voices heard.

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    • You could start by posting the items he is in conflict of. Not sure exactly how code of conduct fits in with law suits, I suspect that is not the basis for a lawsuit unless it involves a civil or criminal activity.

      really..I hope you follow up with a class action legal firm and tell us how they respond. I suspect it will be a short conversation.

      SEC violation of risk reporting :) Based on the non impact of the last Mackey strike in 2009 don
      't you think that sounds silly ? no wonder this is the most litigious country on earth.

      You in law school hoping to get on the gravy train ?

    • today there is a news on lawsuit

      • 1 Reply to sirleic
      • four companies named by a class action legal group regarding additional shares offered for sale.

        not related.

        I looked up the WF Code of Business conduct. Interesting to see there is nothing there as a basis for a lawsuit...

        Dissappointed the poster would mislead people for personal reasons. Pot calling the ....

    • Why don't you get lost, so that you are not in breach of the Yahoo Code of Conduct. Go spew your garbage on another Board.

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