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  • gleongelpi gleongelpi Feb 13, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    I am scratching my head

    I can't figure out why such a big drop based on this report.

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    • post earnings action is always unpredictable at best and to make matters worse this is a skittish market. One good way to play the market now is buying puts before earnings on any company that's expected to have great results. you're bound to have a major winner this way, and probably sooner than latter.

      Plenty of companies with excellent reports have gotten hit hard. In this market anything less than perfection leads to the massive panic selling normally only brought on by a bad report.

      And the funny thing is, as soon as the selling starts, the media spins it as a bad report. Major media outlets begin releasing stories that rationalize the price drop by citing a dozen reasons for why the sky is falling for WFM or whatever other company. The headlines read like Armageddon is here.

      But the fear-based selling frenzy doesn't last. Look at AAPL. When it hit 430, the message boards were flooded with vultures saying it would hit 300 in two weeks. Where is AAPL now?

      Barring a major market correction, WFM will recover and probably hit 100 sometime in the near future.

      This is just today's game.

    • cause today price reflects certain future expectations, and any slowing of those expectations hits this stock hard. when u but something at 40X's pe, your buyings eps almost 2 yrs out!

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      • You must think I am stupid and ignorant to give me such a basic answer. But in truth, it is more likely that you are trying to ridicule me indirectly insteadof giving a real answer, which you cannot really give because it makes no sense for the stock to have been battered down like this on the overall nature of the release and future expectations. But who says the stock market is played by rational and educated people/ It is not. One has to make decisons on fundamentals with an eye on the madness of the marketplace. And clipping the wings of this stock in such a manner is madness. Anyway, while you spend your time trying to boost your ego in silly way, I am making money and boosting my portfolio.

    • Panic before earnings!!!-It moving back up.

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