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  • paths_ca paths_ca Jul 30, 2014 9:31 PM Flag

    Well run company with a great shopping experience...

    There is some disconnect between the articles and the reality. I went to the local Whole Foods yesterday (Vancouver). Lots of people, on a weekday afternoon, I would even say it was crowded. The customers looked like healthy, reasonably happy people, I did not see a single person that was noticeably overweight. A staff from the store asked to help me, and instead of just showing me where the frozen lasagna was, he explained the various varieties to me, and asked if I had any more questions, exceptional assistance.

    Even though I have owned shares, I had never went shopping there before, because people on this board were so critical. I thought I just needed to look at the chart, duh, that was wrong. I found the prices are not bad, especially if you have a plan to buy certain items, then you can buy a lot for $100, and when you see some other interesting items that even the kids will like, then the cost is a lower level of concern. Many really nice items that you cannot find elsewhere like soya ice cream, 5% fat instead of the regular 22%. Once products are that much healthier, I know I will be far less price sensitive.

    It's a great place if you want to control your salt intake. Processed food sells for say $4 per pound and salt can be bought for about 10 cents a pound, so no wonder most food producers load up on the salt. So at Costco, my view is that about a quarter of their products are unfit for human consumption, based on salt content alone. Here the overall shopping experience was really good. Other places can compete by introducing an organic section, but it's not the same, there is so much else missing with that approach, when an alternative like this is available. My thought is that they should just open more stores, and forget about buying back shares? Anyways, that's my "boots on the ground report"...

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