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  • wizard_i_is wizard_i_is Mar 29, 2014 10:35 PM Flag

    ABBTF: Why this stock can hit $30 in less than a year

    Abattis Bioceuticals Inc. (OTCPK:ATTBF)

    Abattis gives investors something to be bullish for. Of course I want to stress that investors should approach with caution. This stock exploded in the last month and I can tell investors have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why.

    This company deserves its own write-up. As I've already covered this company before, I try not to be redundant. There are a lot of positives here.

    Abattis is five companies in one. This is a "hedging strategy" in order to work in the current legal market. However, CEO of Abattis, Mike Withrow, has structured his company so that it can capitalize in a fully legalized market. Their main strategy, "GDERS," which stands for "Grow, Dry, Extract, Refine, Sell," is not only to diversify in this emerging market, but also maximize profits as an importer/exporter. The five subsidiaries of Abattis are:
    •Biocube Green Grow has developed a modular unit, the "BioCube," that is 16x16x8, which can grow up to 240 plants in a single unit. The "Biocube" equipment is designed to modulate 240 plants individually to get the desired THC/CBD levels in the product. The 'BioCubes' are not only for growing cannabis but can be used with any type of plant life. Biocube is the 'Grow and Dry' portion of the 'GDERS' strategy. Additionally, Abattis' Biocube has recently acquired Green-Gro ltd. proprietary fertilizer formulae and juices. In exchange Green-Gro happily accepted 300,000 shares of Abattis. There are currently twenty-five stores throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado that carry Green-Gro products.
    •Biocell Labs has a lease on a 13 million dollar facility, which will be used primarily for the 'refining' and 'selling.' Biocell has access to flash-freeze technology. In the world of cannabis refinement, flash-freeze will be able to extract CBDs without damaging the purity of the product. Biocell has applied for a license for the purgenesis facility.
    •Northern Vine is set up for neutraceutic

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