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  • fredkane39471 fredkane39471 Jan 29, 2012 7:18 PM Flag

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    There is now a TROLL on here saying he is me (Fred Kane).

    The REAL Fred Kane is fredkane39471

    Please make sure to place "fredkane3947" on IGNORE

    This topic is deleted.
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    • This board gets more interesting everyday!?!?

      One day George Fisher the infamous seeking Alpha pumper/hypster of GAbux may reference our gang and its beneficial effects on being GABUX follower/investors. How the merits of frivolous conversations boost NAV through new forum member fund contributions...

      I just know he could dress our motley crew up...

      Very well versed andtypical misled info...

      But we ll take it any way we can get our monthly .07 fixes... Right guys an gals?

    • Just an FYI for all you guys out there....
      FredKane 39471 has only posted 5 messages

      FredKane3947 has posted 2518 messages
      For my money FredKane 39471 is the winner to be put on ignore. I just wonder why we have to play these silly games with these silly people. I have always been told " you can't fix stupid"

      • 1 Reply to auggie2424
      • Pretty childish isn't it? I appreciate your calling this to board members' attention. The psychological profiles of people who engage in this kind of behavior is pretty interesting and consist. They have a need for control and power in their lives. Often they are lonely, sociopathic, and unable to maintain healthy relationships. They feel exhilaration in believing that they have caused someone pain or suffering or even anger. I have some pity for people who do this, but they are also engaging in criminal actions and that is why they should always be reported. They could be doing this in other ways in other places to other people and could be the subject of investigation already. So alerting Yahoo by reporting the Abuse could be important.

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