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  • fredkane3947 fredkane3947 Jan 29, 2013 1:03 AM Flag

    Gotta love the market!

    Beat the three major indexes again today! I love it when those dividends roll in and I see those unrealized gains piling up in my portfolio. Great to see GABUX coming back strong from its dip! Glad I have accumulated plenty of shares of GABUX, PETDX and so many other great investments like BDCL, NCT, PKG, GALE, NAVB, and MXXVX!

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    • Fred, PKG, GALE, NAVB, and MXXVX are not your usual strong dividend plays. What in particular attracted you to them?

      BTW, I love your div plays but chose GAUCX rather than GABUX. While it has the back end fee, I have been and will be a long term holder for the divs and the % yield is a little higher on the same underlying holdings.


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      • PKG is a solid growth stock. I bought it back in 2009 at $9.73 and it's been a "buy and hold" for me and I've had 303% appreciation in three years or so. So when I think that it is going to decline more than 10% or I have something else for the money I'll sell it.

        I am convinced that it is wise to have an asset allocation strategy and mine is heavy on dividend income, but I have an allocation for higher risk stocks and a part of that allocation is in biotechs and some growth stocks and funds.

        So I am assuming higher risk and investing in GALE and NAVB.

        GALE is followed by seven analysts with a median target of $5 and a high of $6. All seven rate it as a Buy. I have researched GALE's breast cancer vaccine and believe it has excellent potential for approval and use and that if it approved for us that it will beat the high target of $6. My average is $1.54 and I have shares well below that and some a little higher. My goal is $7 to sell. I wouldn't buy and hold a biotech or you could end up like investors in Dendreon who had a 10-bagger on paper and then lost several bags as it fell.

        NAVB is similar to GALE but with a PDUFA date of April 30 so its product would come on line earlier and they already have a deal with Cardinal Health to distribute Lymphoseek. Their Phase 3 trial results were excellent with no safety issues. Their PDUFA approval was delayed because of a manufacturing issue for a subcontractor. That has been corrected and they have resubmitted to the FDA and will hear back no later than April 30. The median target among the six analysts who follow it is $5.88 and the high is $7.50. It is selling for $3.10 today. My average is $3.14 with shares as low as $1.29 and some shares as high as $3.50. It's been up and down while waiting for the FDA approval. I bought a big chunk at $3.50 which has pulled my average up. My goal is $7 to sell.

        MXXVX is a great growth fund with a concentrated portfolio and I put a lot of trust in the manager. Right now they are hurting from their largest holding's drop after earnings were reported - Apple. But over time it has an outstanding total return.

        I think that GAUCX is a good choice if you know for certain you're going to hold long enough to deal with the contingent declining load,

    • johnconner541 Jan 29, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

      GABUX is looking pretty good.. Payday is today so the NAV will be down some but, so far today utilities are doing well. Sure would be nice if we are only down 3 or 4 cents after the dividend today.. Using some of my dividend to buy other funds has worked out well for me also..


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