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  • jrfillllion jrfillllion Feb 7, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Another of Fred's Nasty & Unfounded attacks

    This time, Fred is telling someone to "put a sock in their piehole" about CIM.
    Yeah, CIM's been a great investment for Fred, I bet!

    Exactly 6 trading days after Fred's post, CIM did indeed close at $3.86. It's low that day was $3.82
    CIM was trading above $4.00 when Fred went off on the poster below. CIM's dividend is only 1/2 now, of what it was then.


    Re: 4.10 and falling fast...
    by fredkane3947 . Oct 26, 2010 10:37 AM

    Why will it go back into the 3.80's or 3.90's? Your saying it will, isn't sufficient. Explain why that is the "fair price" that "it should be at."

    People like you come onto boards and post this drivel with absolutely no effort to substantiate your claim. Most often your kind appears at the first scent of blood and you do all you can to stir the water. But you lack any rationale for the claims you make.

    So put up or shut up. Substantiate your claim that the fair price is as you say or put a sock in your pie hole.

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