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  • divseeker divseeker May 28, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Not much to do today.

    I had very little to do today so I went back through the archives on this message board and discovered that most of the longs don't post here or defend GABUX anymore. It looks to me like a troll ran all the good posters off this board.

    Don't let the fool that steals your identities run you off just put him or her on ignore.

    Or it could be that all the longs have sold their positions here and moved on?

    I see there were a few knowledgeable people posting useful information about this fund and others. Don't give up, if you have money here I for one would like to hear your opinions on GABUX or other similar income

    I'm not being hard on GABUX when I post what I do about it. I said it would be in the $5.60's by the end of May because it will be.

    Good luck longs....

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    • Hey Div,
      I'm still on the board and long. Mostly you are correct though. There is so much trolling on this board that helpful, thoughtful, posts have become far less frequent. So, as much as I wish you are wrong about your $5.60 prediction, YOUR recent posts have been a refreshing change.

      BTW, while on topic, along with nearly every other stock and fund related to utilities, UTG took a big hit today, which according to CEF Connect, closed at a -5.13% discount to NAV. This represents the largest discount to NAV for UTG in the last 12 months,and possibly a reasonable time for utilities fund investors to start or add to a UTG position. Besides it's NAV discount, anyone here with an interest in monthly paying utility funds should check the distribution history of UTG. Over the years, UTG has periodically increased it's distributions, a fact which recipients of GABUX's monthly distributions might appreciate.

      Otherwise, nice call on GABUX at 5.60, you were only 3 cents off, and tomorrow is another trading day. Let's see what happens.
      Cheers, CC.

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      • Check out PDT as well. Discount is nearly 10% to NAV.

      • Glad to see someone long here. I also wish I was wrong on the NAV. I just think Ben tried to see what would happen if he mentioned pulling the crutches from this weak economy. The jobs report is showing him just how weak it really is.

        Unfortunately I see some bad headwinds ahead, Obamacare could be the straw that breaks the camels back unless some things are changed with it.

        Utilities have taken a pretty good beating over the past couple of weeks. It seems like GABUX took forever to hit $5.90 and just a few days to get back to the $5.60's... Ouch!!!

        I'm waiting for KMM to go under $10.00 to buy some more but, it might take awhile... Also been buying a little EOI..

        Good luck

      • CC, good to hear from you! Your posts are usually very refreshing too.

        You seem to be following Fred Kane's "double negative" notation there with that " -5.13% discount to NAV"
        A negative discount implies a premium to NAV.

        Don't be a stranger, and don't let the TROLLS keep you away :)


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