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  • neo_is_a_stxho neo_is_a_stxho Oct 13, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

    How Obamacare came to be:

    This was first posted on this board in 2009:

    I thought I would send your shareholders a message on why I am now in full support of a National Care Program.

    I am a recently retired, financial Analyst who worked in the Securities business. Politically, I am an independent against big government and I sent letters to my Congressmen and Senators voicing my opposition to the TARP funding and advocating complete reform of the investment industry.

    About five months ago, I enrolled in an Aetna Individual Advantage plan. Since that time I have been in good health and have made no claims. I have one overnight stay in a hospital in the last fifty years when I got my tonsils out. I am on no medications and have visited a doctor 3 times in the last 9 years for routine stuff.

    Last week, I was shocked to receive a letter telling me that Aetna was raising my premiums by 23% just after 5 MONTHS time.

    This is outrageous and borders on an illegal bait and switch tacit!!!!!

    Over the last 10 years, the average health care premium has increased four times faster than wage growth and three times faster than inflation.

    Clearly, you don't have to have a MBA from Harvard to realize this not sustainable. The higher health care premiums go, the fewer people can afford health care which then puts more pressure on pricing, in effect a slow death spiral!

    As a result of this irresponsible action ,I did two things:

    1. I sent a letter to my Senators and Congressmen informing them of what Aetna is doing and I also voiced my support for a national health care program.

    2. I canceled my policy!

    I fully understand that the job of corporate management is to maximize return to the shareholders. However, if management is so irresponsible that it fails to realize its actions in the long run will hurt the shareholders and the people of this country, then it deserves to be replaced either by the shareholders or a government run program! Less Less Less

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    • neo, sorry to read you have learned so little in the past 4 years.

      You still don't understand how insurance works. Worse, you still don't demonstrate any understanding that insurance is expensive because medical care is expensive. Because you don't understand these things, you are bound to be disappointed in National Health Care when it comes (I agree with you that it will come).

      National Health Care is welfare - not technically insurance - but its cost will rise the same way private insurance does now. And you will find your cost rising for no reason related directly to you, just as you find that's true of private insurance.

      Your expectations for National Health Care are starting out pretty high so it's possible you will be even more disappointed with it than you are now. Just keep in mind you won't be able to cancel your National Health Care.

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      • The best way to decrease medical costs is to have a National Healthy Lifestyle Program.
        Obesity is the biggest health risk. Americans are fatter than ever. Childhood obesity is an epidemic. Save money: Eat less food, eat better food. Eat a balanced diet and thereby have a healthier body. Healthier body = lower medical costs.
        Get physical exercise every day. This helps keep the body healthy, including weight-control.
        Manage stress. Stress is the biggest killer. Mental stress is the person's reaction to events. Physical Exercise, even for only a few minutes per day, is a very effective means to reduce a person's stress level.
        One of the biggest increases in medical costs in the USA is kids on drugs for behavior and personality issues. This is obscene: Why drug a kid who is "hyperactive". Healthy kids are hyperactive as normal human beings. Stop putting normal, healthy kids on drugs. Let them be kids.
        In addition: Get comfortable with dying: Everybody dies. Medical expenses tend to be highest for old people. When the body is worn out, check out. Going to heaven (if you believe) should not be so scary. Save the cost of medical treatments when your body is no longer an effective vessel for your soul to express on Planet Earth.

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