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  • gregofuse gregofuse Jan 20, 2003 4:24 PM Flag

    Is there a penality for KOF pulling out

    of this deal and can they make a new lower offer considering what is happening in Venezuela and Colombia.

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    • Hey Gregofuse,

      Look...we all know you got burned big time selling PB in the $8 range when a couple of weeks later it popped to $20+. Sorry about your luck. However, I don't know what your agenda is with trying to bash PB stock now. KOF is going nowhere. They won't pull out of the deal. The problems in Venezuela involve a total of ONE plant to date. The supplies taken from that plant will 1) have minimal, if any, effect on the bottom line for PB as well as its attractiveness to KOF as a long term growth solution and 2) perhaps can even be written off. Either way, even with all the chaos in Venezuela, this stock is still trading at a price representative of about 5% risk of deal failure. All you're trying to do here is get people scared. Again, sorry you got ripped a new one by selling PB too early.

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      • $125mm. there is no question kof is interested in PB. however, they paid a huge premium for the takeout. i have to believe that Venezuala is starting to concern management, the investment banks and the rating agencies. there is serious headline risk in this investment.

        if venezuala represents $25mm in EBITDA and KOF says the multiple is 8x then I suspect we may be looking at a cut here of $2/share. i think they still do the deal and a cut will get them the financing and the rating agencies in line. otherwise, i think KOF is paying to much.

        just one opinion

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