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  • aceputseller2000 aceputseller2000 Feb 10, 2003 5:26 PM Flag

    strong buy

    i still feel pb is one of the best risk/reward stocks out there....the big arbs are in.....some funds got out as panic set in.....but if the deal was realy in trouble the price would be in the teens....i think shares are looking great right now...not for long though

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    • chiquitbumbalabimbomba chiquitbumbalabimbomba Feb 20, 2003 12:01 PM Flag


      you are too funny stumble in here distributing insults and then throw a hissy fit when u receive like treatment..

      you're a perfect example of the human capacity for self-deception...

      get back in touch with reality please..

      contribute something to the discussion other than rehashing your keen grasp of the obvious..(the merger may not go through, about 10 people have already said that before u)..

      Cisneros' role in PB??? i think he's the guy who loads the crates of Coke onto the

    • chiquitbumbalabimbomba chiquitbumbalabimbomba Feb 11, 2003 12:07 PM Flag

      I guess now that there might be a news vacuum for a couple of months the big traders feel safe shorting it for quick profits again, covering their shorts as everybody piggybacks their trade..very easy to do with the low volume and the wide spreads the specialist offers as it starts moving..

      They better be quick though, their Bloombergs might flash "PB opens Venezuela plants" anytime..

      As usual dumb ass Chavez goes on with his policies (currency controls, etc) that only really damage the small businessman, it's pretty obvious the Cisneros group is big enough to have ways to bypass these measures when they choose to open the PB plants

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