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  • poorboy7 poorboy7 Feb 27, 1998 10:21 AM Flag


    For what it's worth from a poorboy:
    Does anybody except me think this stock has a huge potential? If this stock catches the eye's of wall street I belive this
    could turn out to be another telemex "darling of wall street". The fact it's not traded anywhere except the NYSE is extremely
    positive. I truly belive this stock if kept for long term (2-3 years) could bring some great results. The recent press and all the
    "strong buy" activity has yet to produce any strong results on the stock price. 6 month target @ $44.00. Any thoughts?

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    • Poorboy, here are a few ideas for you, but do the research have to be comfortable with the stocks and how they fit into your portfolio:

      SFE - is my second largest holding, but looking a bit pricey right now. Check it out, primarily attractive from the spin-offs.

      ASND - is my third largest holding. Has been on a definite upward trend over the last few months. But it just did a stiff correction that might last another day or two (=buying opportunity). Correction appears due to profit-taking, weak performance by a semi-competitor, and debunking the constant rumors of a buyout from one of the potential suitors. So its a good short-mid term play as well as a LT hold.

      ORCL - value play and leader in its industry, I think its been beaten down enough. Recently expanded my position.

      ORBI - bit of a gamble. I just established a small position. It took off like a rocket (pun intended) yesterday due to new contracts, but I suspect the upside is still significant.

      Various Oil services stocks - were beaten up hard (too much?) by declining crude prices and have started to rebound. My favorites are HP, and NE.

    • Hold your shares but uncertainity in Colombia and Brazil will keep PB shares from booming. After May (elections in Colombia) and especially October (elections in Brazil) PB's stock will react.
      However, the fact that only trades on the NYSE does not mean anything, in fact it harms the Company but not having more liquidity.

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      • Brazil - Yes, Brazil is the big wild card. PB continues to perform well in the face of, often severe, regional slowdowns. So I think the downside is pretty limited. Downside risk has already been factored into the stock price, unless we start to see PB actually missing its numbers (highly unlikely, IMHO). The upside is huge, once Brazil convinces the world its problems are in the past.

        Columbia - I don't think Columbia is that much of a factor. Unless we see a real collapse there, it shouldn't hold back the stock price much. By the same token, I don't think we can see too much of a boost coming out of Columbia. Steady growth, despite the economic/political adversity, is a reasonable expectation, however.

        Telmex - Telmex, though? Why do people keep comparing such a vibrant growth company like PB to parastatal, third world
        monopolies. This isn't AT&T or MCI we're talking about here. Okay, I'm guilty of owning a bit of TMX...but that doesn't mean I really
        like the company. Its just kind of there in the portfolio, languishing away, waiting for me to figure out how it got there and
        how to kill it. All these companies are good for is as "bell weather" stocks for foreign investors, who don't know anything
        specific about the country or any of its companies, but like the the idea of investing in the country.

        Trading only on NYSE - I'm not sure what you mean by harming the company due to poor liquidity. The NYSE is the strongest
        market in the world if disposing of your shares quickly and easily is a concern. Where it hurts is in basic marketing and
        awareness. Investor on the NYSE aren't going to identify with what is essentially, a Latin American company. Your average middle class
        Brazilian, Mexican, Venezualan, Columbian, Costa Rican, or Nicaraguan doesn't have easy access to the NYSE, but might have an interest
        in investing, on his local exchange, in a strong local bottler, which happens to be a PB distributor.

        In the long run, once awareness is improved, it might help encourage U.S. institutional investors if they can be sure that this is a company that adheres to the most stringent SEC and GAAP requirements and isn't one of these third world credit risks; trading on the NYSE lends an air of professionalism to the firm and reinforces the (correct) perception that they have strong professional management (another frequent weakness among developing country companies).

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