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  • bearatologist bearatologist Jul 7, 2000 7:36 PM Flag

    i told you so

    a year ago -- pb was not at all cheap at 17. it's
    still not cheap.

    if you want to invest in latin
    america, buy mexico fund (mxf) and make money instead of
    losing it.

    see you in another year or so.

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    • I think you should learn about the stock market
      before giving your idiotic advice. MXF fund has not,and
      probably will not recover for a long time, from its high
      of around 65 bucks. Which was where it traded before
      the Mexican financial crisis around 1995.

      is cheap at current levels. It looks like its ready
      to break out to 20 level. However it is still to
      early to tell.

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      • Re my "idiotic" advice (which incidentally people
        used to pay me for b/c I was a registered investment
        adviser rep in my state before becoming a medical
        student): If you believe MXF, which is essentially a
        diversified bunch of mexican stocks, will perform poorly,
        it's foolhardy to be picking mexican/lat am stocks
        like PB b/c their performance will likely be
        correlated to the broad market to a large extent.

        you think MXF was ever at 65 then you can't read a
        chart. However, the fund has _doubled_ since Oct '98,
        it's at a dirt cheap price to book (around 1), it's at
        a dirt cheap price to sales (less than 1/3 that of
        the U.S. market), and it's trading at a huge discount
        (about 30%) to its net asset value.

        But you
        probably don't know what any of that means, anyway; right?

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