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  • h2m4l6 h2m4l6 Jun 23, 2009 5:54 AM Flag

    hammered -already down $1.04 pre

    I hate this f-----ing stock bought last nite after close and gonna loose my @$$ again ...this thing cleaned me over $14000.00 last time and I vowed never again getting ready for another @ss raping .any thoughts on market today ...futures only up alittle.

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    • This ETF went up very high in one day, even if this went slightly up today, the fundementals did not change, I expect this to continue to rise in the short term. I would hold and wait for a good gain, sometimes you need a strong heart to make money.
      I bought my TZA on Friday and made a very good gain yesterday, however, I think the next 60 days will a market slump and this TZA will possibly double in value.
      All the best

    • Oh, one more thing, the pre-market upswing is pure distribution. Big money is playing people who missed the move and drawing them in. or drawing in people who refuse the obvious since they are so obaminated that they believe he can turn water into wine.

      This market is headed for a sharp correction.

      TZA will most likely (probability) end either in the green or flat today.

    • Sorry for your troubles, but that is what happens when you chase out of emotion. You have to learn discipline and wait for the pullback. If this was a false upswing (which I do not believe it was), you'd lose your shirt again. Learn some technical analysis techniques and you'll do better.

      This tracks the IWM, so you do the math:
      The short-term goal is 45-46.
      The intermediate goal is 41 to finish an inverse H&S.
      The long-term goal is 34.26 (double-bottom).

      Next week is the end of the quarter.
      Next week is, therefore, window dressing week.
      This stock will most likely go down.
      I feel for the long-term the IWM will hit those marks mentioned above, but there's a lot of manipulation going on.

      GOOD NOTE: The FED cannot raise rates. If they do, TZA will take off.

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