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  • uisisgoindown uisisgoindown Aug 26, 2011 1:53 PM Flag


    I agree, there is no way this market should be going up today. Too many people with rosy glasses on! Maybe this is the last big rally before and during Hurricane Irene

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    • When people wake up to no electricity, running water, flooding and devastation all around them those rose colored glasses will turn dark. This is the worst kind of storm, one that skirts the coast which doesn't weaken much as it moves and inflicts damage across a huge area. In contrast, one that moves inland quickly weakens and damage is more localized.

    • I see too many HFT's doing exactly 'what they were told' today. It's like a car accident or plane crash ... that is what you're being told about this economy. Look, somebody will need a new car now! Guess I should buy 'medical suppliers and hospital stocks', How about adding some builder stock -- the children will most likely buy another house! WOW, bet they'll buy a replacement airplane! Better get some airplane stock! Yeah, buy FAILURE, that's the ticket ... just like "buy" insurance companies because they will ONLY LOSE $10 BILLION! It really takes the word STUPID to a new level.

      If you think for one second that HFT's are not working with Treasury and the Fed then you are a total IDIOT! There has not been a SINGLE 'positive' economic fact in nearly 4 YEARS! Unemployment, Housing, soaring Debt, millions on Food Stamps, 17 million vacant homes, 12.54% either in Foreclosure or 90 days late on their Mortgage .. The entire world Market cannot make it through one day with GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION. America IS in a DEPRESSION and EUROPE is right behind it and because some TV show puts a Fund Manager on, up to his eye-balls on Margin in stocks saying BUY, BUY, BUY ... you fall over yourself to EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN HOLD! The HELP ME, I CAN'T STAND ON MY OWN FEET MARKET! IDIOT is too kind! An ounce of Gold worth 22 barrels of OIL, Greece, Spain, Italy selling National Landmarks to pay 'past due interest'. And where are the Leaders in America and Europe -- Oh, on vacation of course! People look at CNBC like a "Religion" ... Jesus Chirst what has happen to COMMON SENSE?

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