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  • nwsunor nwsunor Aug 19, 2012 10:20 PM Flag

    If I were a republican strategist

    If I were a republican strategist in charge of getting Romney elected.. I'd use this story as a wedge to get Obama to focus on answering why no prosecution have occurred even though GWB and his AG had plenty of time to prosecute Kenny Boy and Jeffrey Shilling for their role in the downfall of Enron. Bush's AG held no punches when going after corporate wrong doing but the Obama administration can show no prosecutions of equal value in their first 4 years... the downfall of Lehman Bros was serious. it was behind the current economic situation we are digging our way out of as a nation and a world economy... yet, no prosecutions have occurred.. What does that say? That says that Democrats have no moral compass.. I think many people on both sides of the political spectrum have wondered how something so significant as what happened on WS (and lets face it, Lehman got caught but there's probably other big names employing the same fraud) has gone unprosecuted this long especially when the info to begin proceeding has been available for quite a while.... if the repubs wanted to play the morality/ethics (whose record is better) card, here it is..

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    • your post confirms the notion that the repubs are running scared and desperate. As they should, with Operation Re-Elect Obama in full force and the DOW well north of 13k.

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      • slamdunk, you know Im not a republican don't you? and that I said Im voting for Obama (but I would like to see some party leadership ( i dont care whcih party although Id prefer it be the dems) do the right in context to my original post about the banksters and how nobody of any status has been found criminally liable)....I used to side with the republican party when i was in mgmt ... but they co-opted the religious zealouts and the party turned too far right. I just can't ever vote for them.. never.. they remind me too much of the mindset that allowed 1930s Germany to become 1940s Germany....


      Lets leave strategist off your resume for the time being

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      • I know that... both parties are whores for the banks and the major trans-national industries.. wouldn't it be nice if one party would do the right thing... it would make choosing a candidate to vote for so much easier...

      • jondow69 Aug 20, 2012 12:26 AM Flag

        HEY I'M STILL WAITING TO GET TREATED AS LIBERATORS IN DOWN TOWN BAGDAD? remember cheny saying we'd be treated as liberators? what happened? hey who starts 2 major wars, doesn't fund them and then cuts taxes? easy bush and his dopes! the reps want to bomb syria/iran/they wanted boots on the ground in lybia/they want to start trouble with russia/china/n.korea? Turkey, syria's next door neighbor has a 1 million man standing ARMY, how come they don't take the lead in syria? easy, the republicans want the world to be dependant on the USA army, but the reps, don't want to have any one in the USA, getting any help from the GOV?

        oh yeah, when KNIGHT CAPITAL, lost 440$ million $, in 45 minutes what did tom joyce the CEO, do? easy last W/E, Joyce called the SEC, lady mary shapiro. he wanted a redo! Hmmm, he said out computers made a boo boo, can we cancel the trades and get our $ back? HMMM, what happened to personal responsibility? oh yeah, I forgot, it only counts for the little guy, Joyce , is part of the %1, he deserves a break? what about some share holders who got f'd, on the stocks that shot around? they get f'd, Joyce wanted to take care of himself! kiddos for shapiro telling joyse to pound salt!
        how come we don't charge a 1$ tax on every barrel of oil pumped out of the middle east for security? who's protected the SEA lanes for the world? the USA! who's paying the freight? easy, american saps! if USA bombs IRAN, who's paying? americans? where will they get the money? easy, borrow the $ from the rice eaters! because the reps don't raise taxes for bombing people, they borrow the money from the chinese! i can go on and on. but again, Turkey, has again Turkey, has a 1 million man standing ARMY, how come the reps don't get them to get invoolved with SYRIA, its there next door neighbor, why does the USA, always have to take the lead? easy, that's what the reps want, to fight all the wars for the world, and have stupid americans pay the freight! gets down to guns or butter! IMHO. jmo

    • There is no moral high ground for either party. There is only a single, and in control elite class, and the Republicans and the Democrats are ther puppets under the elites total control. It has been almost 50 years since Americans had any 'real' choice. Kennedy was likely the last U.S President that was fairly elected. He was a Catholic without a prayer for victory, but the people unexpectedly chose him. He had a smidgen of honesty, mostly not controllabe by the elites and therefore, murdered. This Republic of laws has had its Constitutuon and Bill of Rights ignored and overwritten by both Republicans and Democrats. Fascism reigns, and since the people remain asleep as they are tuned to the Kardashians and America's Got Talent, the light is ever dimming. To choose which political party steals my money and revokes my freedoms is an illogical notion and does not serve me. It is sad, but I believe it is over. We can only, on an individual basis, make the most of what we have. For a very long time, the choice has been to choose between to evils. The elites never offer the choice of good vs evil. That is one of their most powerful controlling methods. Which ever side is chosen, the citizens lose and the elites become stronger and more entrenched with rules, laws and false principles in education and rewriting of history. There is a solution, but no sign of its birth, yet!

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