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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Mar 13, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Realities and Other Ramblings ...

    Don't knock yourself out trying to call a top. A silly exercise.

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    • jeremy grantham isn't in that camp.. interesting comments last night on the telly.

    • Let me comtinue before I was rudely interrupted. :):)
      The bulls are definitely all in now. ie. the Deutsch Bank guru was on this morning and declared where the Market was going - he state "I am in the straight up camp. No pullbacks" Yikes!1 For Deutsch Bank to allow him to come on air and make that king of unbridled arrogant startement is stunning. He,however,is not alone.Yesterday,Steven Weiss of FM. fame was asked how long this particular move up can last. He stated = "through the end of the year' Wow!1 There is no fear - none whatsoever in the Market (the VIX is telling you that). So "deja vuish" though of topping out processes past.
      The disconnect between the Markets and the economic realities both here and globally is indeed very wide now. Europe is being dismissed as an annoyance which will have no impact on us here - or China, Ill conceived assumption.
      Our economic recovery numbers are not what they seem. They are embellished with structured the job's numbers. Do your homework Birth/Death Model additions which greatly inflate the headline number - this latest stunt of "job's splitting (if you work 20 hours at one job and 20 hours at another it is counted as TWO jobs) Sorry,a 40 hour week is ONE job. And so it goes.
      From here?/ Hey,according to the experts (and they always know best:):)) it's straight up - no pullbacks for the forseeable future. So there you have it. Let me finish with "The Fed has your back" and "the trend is your friend" lol

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