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  • gambling2m gambling2m Mar 15, 2013 5:35 PM Flag

    Confession- I've lost thousnads the last few yrs shorting this Market

    I've got nothing but hatred for our crimminal fed but for some reason, I keep thinking that a correction is inevitable. ( how many times have there been ligitimate analists even on Cnbc- that have called for a correction that Never happens, I mean a real correction, Not the day and a Half that our crooked gov. has ALLOWED just to have in shoot back up and my loses continue). I'm thinking about just covering Mon. and selling my puts and NEVER coming back, cause frankly I've devestated myself financially!

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    • here is what I see next week starts a 5-7% correction it will take last about 2 weeks then stocks will run to new highs until june or july then all hell breaks loose u do what u want with this info its gold

    • My gut feeling says the big correction won't come until after or begin near the next presidential election. If you look back at the most recent deep market corrections, they've been about every 8 years. This way the winning candidate can blame the previous administration which is typically the opposing party. The big guys know whats coming and when, so they position themselves accordingly and win going down just as they have the past 5 years going up. By the way, be careful listening to all the bears on this board. I suspect many are employed in the banking industry and possibly for the etfs they are shilling for. There's no way many of these posters could have any money left if there wasn't some degree of truth to what I've just said. Just my opinion.

    • Gambling - like DickieD says ... all long timers on this board have lost on this and Pokey ... or TVIX .......... I made back my losses by going long certian stocks that were beaten down like GMCR, FSLR , GRPN etc .. No one knows if there is a BIG correction in store .. no one .. . aand when it will happen .. no idea how deep your losses are vs your overall account ... sorry to hear though of it ,,, dont ask people on a mesasage board for advice.. because they dont know your full picture ...... lif you want to listen to someone listen to DickieD ..step away for a week or. depending on how bad it is ,,, consider selling half yourTZA to minimize future loss that way if a correction happens perhaps you break even .... I dont think any of the new posters get the idea that the old regulars on the board are actually trying to help the new ones not make the same mistakes we did ,, good luck either way with what you decide ...

    • With all the typos in your message I say liquidate the account and invest in some education.

    • lusob09 Mar 15, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

      Waiting before 4/1 or earnings season.

      The market makers routinely shorts the market before earning season.

      If you still have money; buy 1000 TVIX at $3.92. When SPY makes a 3 pts pull back you can gross $1000 and make 25.51% return

      After the market bottoms, buy ERX, TNA, XIV for the rally.

      Sell half your gains and let the other half make you more money on the long side. Why? Earnings Season is almost always bullish.

      Then on May instead of buying TZA at a higher price, buy TVIX for annual crash on the down side.

      Come back to the market on the last week of October; go long buy TNA and ERX and enjoy the historical seasonal 2 months surge.

      Always go long during earnings season.

    • you've been warned many times in various message boards but you won't can you fight th FED really?

    • "don't fight the fed"

    • The situation with the market and future is quite obvious. If not, you need to do some research.

      • 1 Reply to beernanke
      • Yes, it crashes. The market under FED control has been nothing but a series of boom and bust. Well we have been going boom, so guess whats next? Timing though, when does the ship turn? My best guess is watch the dollar and interest rates for a clue. Both are going higher only recently as the market melt up continues, to me that says a shift is soon. But!! I don't want to bet on a downturn until the FED signals and easing of loose monetary policy because until the FED gets out of the market technical analysis does not mean jack.

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