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  • dkships dkships Mar 16, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Cypress gets a bailout on the backs of savers...


    ... if you have money in a Cyprian bank, you now have less... under $100K on deposit they take 6%... over a $100K they take 10%... quite a fee to let them hold your money... I'm more amazed everyday on how much the public has to sacrifice pounds of flesh so the big boys can keep on going unscaved... GL...

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    • They are diligently working at restructuring money markets NAV valuation metric standards. Of course this isn’t being done to coincide with our aging demographics and the impending largest transfer of wealth in history. There’s too much on the line, for this Con to fail .And when you can’t make money the old fashion way, you steal it…… in a derived manor of course . It’s got to be the fluoride.

    • I wonder if such an idea will at some point be posed here in the USA? The politicians and the corporations they shill for have no shame. Let's face it. We were lied to about the reasons for war with Iraq and the people fell into place, why should our leaders think they couldn't sell this idea too and get buy in from the majority. And for those who don't fall into line, they got all the observation programs in place to know whose been good and whose been naughty. By the way, next time you all get a chance, look at the abilities of these new smart tv's. They have facial and gesture recognition technology as well as voice recognition built into them. So maybe people should think twice about walking around the house with just your under clothing on or less. It was just a matter of time before Big Brother reached into our private home life. Watch how easily people fall in place for this new technology. And all so they can be entertained.

    • Run on the banks going on. Unbelievable to think markets would go higher. At least wall street can blame Europe problems if they want to take profit.

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