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  • dkships dkships May 6, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    Hey crest, how's the 11.33 x 4 ($45.32)) TZA position doing...


    ... not to mention all the money you lost shorting banks and then disappered the last time... or, or, or... next time you post a trade "real time", I'm going to tell you when you do it whether or not it will be profitable... wanna play?...

    This topic is deleted.
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    • "LOL "dkshps
      Your frustration with me is soooooo telling. Can't compete intellectually so lets see about juvenile taunty town.If you like we can do a "let's jump off each other's checkbook". It's somewhat duifficult to interpret your comments ie."I'm going to tell you when you do it whether or not it will be profitable". Say what?? The Rosettata Stone was translated more easily. And then the highlight comment of the day - "wanna play"?
      Lsd,I suspect you are unemployed.A shame,but the greater shame is spending your days and nights on a Message Board instead of getting out there from early to late looking for work. You indicate that you have a school age child living at home. Is she aware that this is how you spend your day? Your moving in the parents or in-laws or such to help defray the living expenses. Just some simple analysis. You're clearly very angry - very frustrated how things have turned out. You daily diatribes against any and all who defy your silly five word posts confirm that. Me?? I drive you absolutely crazy. Your school yard lame trash talk retorts back ie. "Your Mommy and Daddy " - "you're pathetic" - "you know nothing" - "you seek attention" yada,yada only reaffirms that conclusion. You love to "challenge" in virtual reality. Last week you dared some other sad sack you banter with to "come to Chicage and duke it out" O my!! And now you "wanna play" with me. Double yikes!! Get a grip "dkshps". By all observation you sound like you are coming totally unglued. You hsang in there. Things improve in life if you work hard at it.

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