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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 May 7, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    The Global Contradiction in Terms ....

    For four years,CB's and Govenments have been throwing literally TRILLIONS of dollars at the various global economies,obviously including ours,in an effort to jump start growth. And after aaaaaaal of that and continues interest rate cuts,the global economies,and especially ours,not only show no signs of growth,we are now witnessing a global slowdown. Today Australia announces rate cuts. Why?? if as the bull pundits proclaim that an economic recovery is soundly underway,then why are further measures necessary. The answer is not complicated. They are lying . As are the desperate politicians. France announces an end to austaruity even thoufgh their PNI just dropped to 44 (serious contraction mode). The point being that they have no tax revenues coming in,but will ramp up the public assistence machine. Free everything to everyone. Hey,it's working in America. Right?? It is working,right???
    The contradiction in terms is stunning by any historical standard of measurement. Andarly unsustainable. The bulls would beg to differ. "The Fed has their back" goes the drumbeat. That's all ye need to know. Right?? The complacency is at a near record high - ie. VIX etc. Retail is being driven to the abbatoir in a Is the collision course set? Most likely. When?? Probably sooner that the bulls would have you think.

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