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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 May 13, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    The Inflation Myth ...

    The whole premise for the Fed being able to be ablw to continue it's QE Infinity policy is that there is no inflation. Period. The Dept. of Commerce is using a "deflattor: ' (inflation rate) number of one half of one percent - 1 1/2% as the real inflation rate. If they used an even realistic rate of 2% then GDP would be a NEGATIVE number. - Ergo,a recession. Can't have that.
    Everything we utilize says inflation is significantly higher in our every day lives.Ie. Insurance for home and auto and especioally medical coverage - foods - gasoline year over year by far - airline fares substantially higher year over year. The list goes on,but the facts are obvious. The Fed and it's shill is lying.Period.
    Some C.N.B.C. shill money manager comes on the morning and states "the consumer has never been in a better spot.Inflation is nonexistent.' Shameful.But not surprising.
    The 10 year has edged up rapidly from 1.67% just a few weeks ago to now at 1.93%. Tick-tock,tick tock for sure now, The signs are all there.Especially overseas. XChina's numbers continue to deteriorate.A country built on export is now slowing perceptibly. Europe?? Greece and Cyprus got their "hand outs" today. Printed money.
    The mantra continues from the bulls that the Fed will INCREASE the QE. "Buy,buy,buy."!!! Japan's the latest "golden boy". Their debt is 245% of GDP. They are demanding that their consumer start spending. Yikes!1 Just when now,not if. Japn cannot succeed at their madness. When that catastrophe unfolds economical then watch what happens then.
    Inflation?? Alive and well and eroding away the basic foundations both here and abroad.
    Finally the taunty boy bulls on here all day with their nothing to say thrash talk is al;so a real good "tell'.

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