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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    Does this Scare Anybody -?/

    Fed or no Fed,does anyone think that this doesn't end catastrophically for the country. I guess any number of historic "bubble" Market comparisons can be made. IIs it the "it's different this time" analogy? No rational thinker can possibly believe that? The disconnects are too great. 18 Straight up Tuesdays and some Floor Trader exclaims its a coincidence. And that seems to be the universal mentality floating around. Another states that THIS is just the beginning of the secular Bull Market. One that will last 10 years. And so goes the mantra. Right up until when exactly. And no one knows that answer. But the incredible bubble creating factors are all gimmicks. That have created no growth either here or abroad. All the bulls are proclaiming the exact same thesis. That there is no e nd in sight for the Markets. Universal agreement. And we know that the Fed "has the Market's back'.That is the whole basis in fact for the Markets going straight up.. Such a terrifying premise. The country is racing towards nankruptcy at many levels. The top 7% of income in this country is up 28% over the last four years. The other 93% is DOWN 4%. A very dangerous divergence that can only end badly.Does anyone think it's scary,no matter how much money you're making if you are a bull and long. And don't say "it doesn't matter" - it does if you care for this country.

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