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  • m2bq m2bq Jan 6, 2003 4:36 PM Flag

    Bush proposes $1 billion school aid

    Had to Howl!
    "Bush a lemon" "Teflon Bush"
    Still got your bumper sticker, "it all depends on what you mean by the work "IS" A quote from our former Pres, aka (Nothing sticks to me but I think something stuck to my pants). Now to continue Dribbling on; (to mimic you) Nothing could be better for lspn and others involved in education then for open competition between private and public education. How do you imagine we have one of the poorest educational systems of the major nations in the world. OK, I know the answer, All we need need to do is to spend more money, Sure has worked for Gov Davis in CA. The CA Teachers Ass. is his favorite charity. Our kids are doing just -