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  • c2bfit Jun 1, 2012 7:55 PM Flag

    Remember this LPS investors

    LPS is not a Financial company! So, unless there are ugly rumors going around (like 2009 - 2011) LPS has a very unique business model. They make more money whether the economy goes up or down. You shouldn't allow the global/US economy based computerized trades to sway you way of thinking on LPS. LPS is a very innovative technology Customer Services company, and the Services sector is the top choice for growth in the next year amongst most analysts. LPS has become even more attractive to Financial Cos. because they know that LPS not only services their accounts (new/diliquint/forclosure) w/o mistakes, they also help them with innovative stats/futuristic (application) ideas. This is a co. that (outside of ugly rumors) will do good in economically good times or bad.