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  • c2bfit Oct 31, 2012 9:44 PM Flag

    here we go again - what a bunch of naive crap

    just a bunch of naive reporters that get paid by the word or don't get paid at all, Sandy, though I'll give you expensive, will not have anywhere near the cost to the housing or mortgage industry as reporters are speculating. They're using numbers they hear, like one reported that 1/3 of the entire US population was affected financially. Yes, in some (very small) ways they were impacted, but whar they don't care to mention is that 90+ percent of those (one third) aren't being impacted by housing issues. They're just being impacted by roads/schools/etc being closed. The bottom line is, the media has no idea (and doesn't actually care) what the truth is. They just get paid to produce words as fast as rhey can. That's the truth,

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