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  • sage2123 sage2123 Sep 28, 2011 8:14 AM Flag


    FTR is presently at the bottom of a seven year cycle.

    Every seven years FTR shares hit $15/share.

    This should occur again around 2014.;range=my;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

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    • Thanks bs. I didn't buy today but will be watching and if it looks like a bottom has been put in i think I will double for the long term

    • The only problem with trying to catch the low is that if you double down and the stock goes down you lose twice as fast.
      Look at the people who tried that from the 9's to today. We have high risk in Maggie missing this quarters numbers. Which she more than hinted on that last conference call.
      And October is not a strong month any way. Remember back Tuesday? I don't know if FTR will go lower but Maggie is showing signs that it is starting to dig.

    • i believe that you have mentioned that before .. i'm not
      sold on the 7 years , but cycles yes ..

      Sage , do you use Wave Theory ?? ... garce

    • Here we go...

      First off, please go away.. rhetoric in hand is all you are doing.. it doesn't help anyone here.. So here they go... posters trying to make their point, knowing they are next in line for rif, that's how I see it... Life's hard, deal with it... I work 25 years craft/mgmt and I survived without rhetoric. Cheers..J

    • DUDE... Please slow down. Stop bringing your rhetoric over here to this board.. I know it's tempting, I know it's what you want but this is is STOCK EXCHANGE conversation...If you look to the charts, I feel SAGE2123 is RIGHT, look at it, it's "seven year cycle and he is correct" - quote me on that if you want to. I am done.. ... Cheers, J.

    • As for the great mathemeticians and cycle counting.

      if the cycle peaks at year 6 and 7 if you count from 1987. We are in the middle of year no. 4 and sitll have another 18 mos. of pain to endure.

      Its a landline buisness that has had churn going on both sides commercial and resedential, no relief anyside.

      Oh man, you want dividend find a MLP and RIET they are truly built for dividend players. If you don't know what they are find out before you re-invest into this. Turn off your DRIP, take a ride on a positive slope and you can come back for the so called "cycle" for the 6th or 7th year.

    • Wow. You have seen cycles

      I will wait for our girl Mary Agnes to actually buy a HEALTHY amount of shares.

      The 46 Million shares dumped thus far aren't the best sign of strength, are they?

      Only bright spot is that 40K shares purchased by the VP on 9.9.11 but I aint sold on it yet, not anymore sunshine..I have seen that cycle before.

      Didn't Donnie boy Shassian the CFO sell close to 8K shares in July?

      Didn't they just downgrade FTR 3 days ago to Reduce from Hold? Somebody should be doing some HW.

      Did any of you listen to the last 3 CC ? Haven't you notice the cracking in their voice while they are trying plug holes and not enough fingers. The part where their buisness was down and down and down.

      The buisness model is in a DECLINE is what she meant. Please listen to the CC and then note the responses so you can readily identify a DB in the future.

      For the love of God listen to the CC even the archive ones before you start blaming the world and the MM for destroying your capital wealth.

      This will clearly help you understand the DB of this message board or investors that have faith in management. Buying old archaic expiring factions of other companies doesn't help the ALPHA in the longterm, this I assure you.

      For the record I am not holding any FTR, I have had my eye on her since 2007 and have been watching an orchestrated decline $14 to $6.13 no matter how juicy the divi is it will not bring you back to the black.
      The obv doesnt help either right now.

      The Schotastics are about to bottom out.

      Next support level is at $4.25 if your lucky and then see you at $2.25. Don't be upset at me, just calling it like I see it.

      Oh yeah haven't you noticed the noise on seeking alpha, the street and every where else regarding this stock and its JUICY dividend.

      Either they are all SCHILLS or they didn't listen to anything the CFO said during any of FTR CC.

      I did, you should to, for yourself.

      Enjoy the ride...Hell in a not the anthem for his stock. Sell into strength any strenght.
      See you boys at $3.25 when the second Instit. Holder dumps his shares.

      Bail. There are 7000 other tickers, find and explore another one.

    • Nice write up... I have some cash lets talk if you want to get together some time and talk about business...I agree, FTR is not going off a cliff any time soon... J.

    • We are in a secular bear market and won't be out for another 9 years. The best thing to do is day trade or buy stocks with solid dividends. FTR will pay out 100% if they have to to keep the dividend. I have owned a company for years that pays their dividend with debt and they are still here and I have made lots of money. This is a great stock to short because there is so much uncertainty. Personally, I would rather rebalance my dividends which means all my dividends will be reinvested into FTR since it is my worst performing stock. To each their own, but to act like FTR is falling off a cliff is silly. I mean, the other companies were starting from scratch with their acquisitions from Verizon while FTR was already operating in 11 of the 14 states it received the landlines in. Also, the debt is more manageable.

    • my source is saying 'hope and watch'


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