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  • burnaka Nov 17, 2011 4:37 PM Flag

    Strong buy strong sell, all posters should start their post

    this way. They should also state their agenda in the first sentence. Like I am short and need you to sell because I need the money, or I am long and need you to buy I need the money.

    Everyone has their own agenda, but all too often people post under the guise that they are this super humanistic, altruistic, loving human being. All of that might be true but that is far from the agenda of anyone here. So we should adopt this as a new ftr rule, it gets my vote.

    Shorts try to fear monger because it suits their agenda, longs point out the dividend, and price potential hoping common sense and greed kick in. I am long ftr and know full well the dividend is safer than with most companies. This company has a history of trying to take care of their share holders in that regard. When I say history, I am talking since inception. Will the price get back to 15 dollars, not this year that is a given, will it get back to 8 in the next twelve months, that is most likely. The deal they have with T will do tons to reduce customer attrition, and boost the fcf that the dividend is paid from. Well I have had my say. Oh and one after thought. If we all post our agendas up front, then we could then understand how a post about Maggies pay could possibly get any chatter. As a long, I would not dignify it by posting to it, that is short blather.

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