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  • sage2123 sage2123 Dec 10, 2011 10:50 AM Flag

    What's In Store For 2012?

    For those of us who believe that FTR did it's homework before purchasing the VZ lines, 2012 will provide the strongest indication yet if it was the correct move or not.

    In another quarter or two the project will be complete.

    FTR hasn't made a bad acquisition yet, so I think 2012 will be a good year for FTR investors.

    Once the huge job of systems integration is done, look for FTR to capitalize quickly on it's new capabilities and scale.

    Good luck to all and have a terrific holiday season!

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    • No comparisons stated, nor intended.

      All four of my grandparents were immigrants, worked hard, sacrificed, saved, and lived beneath their means.

      This ethic of hard work and living beneath one's means has not been lost on any of the current family members. Everyone is employed.

      Sorry, no apologies will be forthcoming.

    • Yes Suze you may have bought some BS.
      This is the first that Sage admits the money is in a family trust. While he has stated that he does not take money out he states that he does sell the shares. Its true that if you sell on the highs you make money, of which I'm sure he always has sold high.
      It does not seem like the same old story the Sage tells, He always pushes the buy and hold. If said anything else he negates his story.

    • Many conflicts?

      Every quarter, the dividends (all) are reinvested in additional shares, and yes....over the last five decades there have been 5-10 occaisions where the family has drawn on the position to fund what we consider to be important life purchases. These have been far and few between as it reduces overall capital levels.

    • Sage, you said that you don't sell the stock and you reinvest the dividends.
      I pulled up some of your posts and you have many conflicts.

      With my FTR investment on autopilot, there are only four times a year that my position changes.

      Too bad I have to wait until next dividend to add. Sub six won't last for long.
      bswiththebest-You need to read for meaning.

      I never said FTR wouldn't go below 6....I said that I would be surprised if it did. I was surprised, but it's not the first time.

      I will say this to you. I am worth more today in FTR than I was in 1965 when I made my initial purchase

      The bulk of the shares are held in two family trusts, and can only be used for certain things. This investment has helped to fund three college educations, and home and auto purchases. Or in your verbage, taking some off the table.


      Are you, or is your trust buying and selling? How else do you do the college, home and auto purchases? Then you say that you agree with BS and take some off the table. It seems that your story and advice are very different.

    • beau287 Dec 11, 2011 11:40 PM Flag

      THANKS ..hope u are right I have 4000 shrs bougth at 8 plus tha 7 plus than 6 plus Iam done won t eve try to buy at 5 mya make it go to 4hahahaha well I will get the divy till it moves sure there not going uder hah happy hoildays to u as well

    • Or is it that you would just like to throw out 52 week highs and lows, or 1,2,5 and 10 year results.

      Well, obviously in FTR's case I have done exactly that.

      If you pull up the long term chart for FTR you should notice a cyclical pattern. FTR is at the bottom of a 10-12 year cycle.

      As for BP, it went from $60 to $30, but now trades for $40, and yields almost 4%.

      Catastrophic events, I suppose, should be weighed individually.

      FTR is oversold, imho, due to market uncertainties with the VZ purchase. Don't know if a blow out quarter is in the cards, but do expect to see gradual improvements in many areas with each successive quarter. If this occurs, which I believe it will, the price should stabilize and improve. These long cycles and the nature of income stocks in general are not ideal for short term investors.

    • So, you would hold BP after the oil spill? Or you would stay with Enron, MCI or the many other stocks that run up and fall. Or is it that you would just like to throw out 52 week highs and lows, or 1,2,5 and 10 year results.
      Buy and hold has merits, the fundamentals have to be stable. FTR has not shown stability, why else would it be trading in the low 5's? How do you explain this years drop? And again, do you think it will take a blow out quarter to move the stock or two up quarters?

    • I would agree in part, but not parcel, with your post BS.

      Buffett seems to have done well with this same investment strategy. The methods you employ have some merit, but also allows for emotion to be a factor in the process.

      Pick a business you understand, that is profitable, and stay with it.

      I've posted this previously, but you may not have seen it.

      Question- How do you make a small fortune on Wall Street?

      Answer- Start with a large fortune and trade it alot.

      Regardless of methods and practices, I wish you well.

    • Family trust, are you the trustee?
      Now I hope that the trust holds more than FTR. Did the value of the trust go down the past 3 years?
      Next do you agree that Ftr has to have a blow out quarter to move the share price? Or at least two quarters of positive results? Remember when FTR was going to the high 9's Maggie did not say the stock was getting ahead of itself. Now she wants to stress that two year period. Then again she wanted to be investment grade.
      If memory serves me didn't FTR set a new low this week?
      As for market timing, no I do not try and time the market. I think I told people that the high 9's were to high for this stock. I think that when a company has run up and you cannot see a valid reason for the share price being so high it is time to sell. Or when you hear people averaging down and the share price keeps dropping its time to sell. When I hear people pumping a stock all the way down it time to evaluate the stock. When you see 4 quarters that have not move the share price up its time to sell. You can take your money off the table and save losses. You can always buy back in. Is that market timing or investing?
      I have control over my money, I put it in, it is not a trust account.
      One other thing how do you explain those high volume sales last month? What do you expect the price range of the stock from now till say January 10?

    • Vaseline, we already went over this topic in this thread.

      Relax, forget about FTR and revisit your decision in a year.

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