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  • jkenn19 jkenn19 Dec 20, 2011 1:58 PM Flag

    Any reasonable guesses?

    I probably made a huge mistake hanging onto a couple thousand shares of this stock from 8.50 earlier in the year. Any recommendations on what to do now? Please no lectures or ridiculous answers. Thanks in advance.

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    • FOXY and artxx,

      Yes, welcome to the big board and the world of major corporations. I've seen it all, trust me. Just when you think you have everything under control another whammy comes your way. The changing of this industry is so intense. I always said I wished the call people were a bit more friendly but I can also see their point. They are flooded and overwhelmed with mass of data, I know my GF brought a book home one day, and YES, trust me it was a large book (binder.) They are told to say these things when a customer calls in. Thank goodness I got out of that environment, but it was a job, so hey I stuck it out. So I worked my way up, and one day I got a call from my boss. He said what's up with this magazine. I said, :what. You know, the magazine you expensed on your corporate card. I said, "Because I read it?" It was business weekly, or some thing that cost vz $24/yr. At that point, I knew cutting expenses is one thing but if you don't want me to learn, then fine. And I won't do it again, boss. ha. Just a little trivia there..Cheers,J

    • I bought recently @ 4.90 to double down. The cost basis will help on the breakeve if you want to get out and in the interim, you get a resonable dividend. I don't believe this is one you will have to chase down...but this stock is a long term play...not a trading stock.

    • I traded Comcast for FIOS(both triple play). I thought VZ would have better customer service. I think I was wrong, but I don't know yet. I haven't even gotten a servive rep. on tthe phone from VZ in my last 3 calls. The only call which I got through was to a snooty young white girl. I didn't know how to retrieve my messages. She gave me bad info. and I still can't get my messages. My next 3 calls opened with prompts to pay a bill which was not yet due. After 20mins., I hung up each time, and was then insulted with a returned computerized call each time thanking me for my call to customer service. The one time I followed the prompt to pay my bill(even though it was early), I was informed by the nice computer lady that they were actually going to charge me extra! No thanks nice computer lady, I'll mail it in by snail mail. Anyway, this rant ends with the point that good customer service is still important in business, especially in the communications business. If FTR is looking to skimp on business expenses, one should not be a quality customer service department. FTR needs to stem the tide of lost customers. Developing a reputation for the best customer service in the sector may be money well spent, and money illy saved, if cut.

    • I started out in a call center Never again, I migrated up to tech work, met a lot of nice folks, some of them still call me, like the DOD operation [day over day] sometimes I know exactly what is going on, some days I don't,.J

    • Nice...I built networks for Northern Telecom when I got laid off back in the 90's. I went to work for GTE. Nice on the wireless side. I knew there was something about you. lol,..J

    • Thanks man I don't think I did?.. Far as following me so closely, yeah you couldn't put a punch in that if you tried..The thing is, I know telecom, been there, done that, still kinda doing that. Light levels are amazing when you are working with fiber optics..J

    • So what was my mistake.. You made that very open...cheers,J

    • See that's your problem. If you are in Calif. that's fine, been there there done that. I am one of those people that haven't bought a car in 8 years. Far as accidents, nada. Maybe you should do some listening, watching, too..All of a sudden you show up on the ftr board...hmmm. My guess you are a day trader. I don't take anything away from what you are saying. I know what I am doing, and it's funny sometimes on this board the different people I run across. And I am sorry for posting so much.,J

    • Wow, 3 more posts in no time including:
      "There's people here, and things I know that will be a forward momentum."

      Calling that "rambling" is being generous. And then name-calling, that really "proves" your superior intellectual prowess. If $50K worth of FTR is really only 2% of your portfolio, there's only one possibility, you inherited the money.

      Trust you? Based on what you post, why would anyone do that? Trust me, I've been investing successfully, since before your were in diapers, which more and more sounds like it couldn't have been very long ago.

      Any more complete drivel or name-calling and on "ignore" you go.

    • Whether sage responds or not, it's 2% of my portfolio dumbass. Sorry, you're no different than bs or suze_sunshine. I tried to make a difference, posting here logically and tell you what I know. That didn't work. so going forward, you're on your own. No more posts from me.. good luck all. Cheers,.J

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