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  • swp3 Aug 28, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    $4.40s - Hope it holds

    Ouch! Just when you thought FTR was getting some steam, it's back to dropping on up days. At least we had a nice run and hopefully it holds in the $4.40s+

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    • Typical FTR fashion. Kicking myself in the #$%$ for not selling in the $4.50's to finally get out of this nightmare.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Just to clarify ..VZ over 10k [shares], FTR [15k] thanks

    • Gypsy to each his own - How old are you again? My point on the other post [pls read it] - Telecom is not about day to day activity. I bought Verizon back when gte-vz was a buy out at $27. I've got over 10k. What do you mean you came out even. Too many other good investments gypsy? Well I am sorry then maybe you shouldn't be posting over on VZ board telling them you bought another 1000 shares either.!?!

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    • gypsymann Aug 28, 2013 8:20 PM Flag

      cd, I hope it holds for you too ! I sold out last week on high of 4.58. I'm tired of the ride and the hopes that this stock will do something. The divi for the past two years offset my losses so I came out even. I guess after two years of not making anything, it was time. Too many other good stocks to make real money on. FTR is still bleeding landlines at too high of a rate. If it gets back to the 3.90s again, I'll buy back in for a while. Good luck CD & BS. I'll check in from time to time. Old telco guys never die...

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      • Glad your happy you sold. Take a look again after earnings release in early Nov. Good chance residential Internet adds will be more than land line losses for the second quarter in a row. AND hang on to your hat! Residential revenue may break even or perhaps rise slightly quarter over quarter. This will be a watershed moment and 4 th quarter upgrades will follow. FTR is finally very close to stabilizing residential revenue and will continue a full court press on business which will should break even sometime next year. The trends in their numbers are unmistakable. Maggie is sticking around IMHO until we are back at $9 per share or a sale of the company at something close. Why? Her legacy right now is a promise of a dividend that was safe and then it wasn't. Pride is a powerful motivator and she runs in circles that only recognize performance they all have plenty of money. Keep checking back gypsy man.

    • Here we go again more manipulation on low vol. It may be brats and hamburgers this weekend. I was hoping for steak and lobster for once. Some day...

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I am expecting to see some more pull back on or after ex-div next week (9/5).

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