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  • bswiththebest bswiththebest Feb 24, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

    Shouldn't someone be posting on how we are going to be above 5?

    Someone has to beat the drum. Taking over the CT area. Great gains in HSI. Earnings are coming, but look at that Free cash flow and that 8+% dividend. Where is that thought that the dividend keeps paying you to stay in this stock. From the vz deal you got over a 1.82 in dividends and if you figure that adjusted close price of 5.49, that 4.67 today is not so bad. Just wait a few more quarters till the CT. deal is producing and we may be close to even from the VZ deal. Someone has to push the bandwagon up the hill. Or are we just waiting for new T shareholders?

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    • So, every body jumping on the bandwagon now? Where were you guys on 2/24/14?

    • Why would anyone post when it hits over $5 when it usually retreats under $5 within a few days if not sooner. I have held this stock long enough to see the patterns and the writing on the wall. This company is dinosaur technology and will continue to shrink revenue and expand on debt. Good luck suckers who bought my shares at $5.05. You will be kicking yourself it the #$%$ and putting in your limit order to sell once reality sets in.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Shouldn't someone beat the drum about FTR falling to $3.50? Some horses are just dead.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Maybe get close today.

      $5.02 is 52 week high.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Sage where were you yesterday? You disappointed me. I hope it runs up and close above 5 today. The reason I thought it would go up was that Maggie had been keeping her comments down about the snow and the rain. Maybe she is learning something. Now if she can keep inexperienced peopl out of conference calls to investor groups FTR might make some head way. I'll stay in till it overruns the hype, then sell. Hope you make some money.

    • Revenue for the quarter was at the high end of the estimates at $1,180,369 and EPS exceeded the $.0.06 estimate. Yeah, it will not make up for the loss from three years ago that bs and gyps experienced, but I have not been here that long. The stock is up 14% in the year I have held it, AND I got dividends of more than 9%. Will continue to, quite happily, hold this stock, because the overall upward momentum is likely to exceed negative pressures.

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      • leward, No I have not held FTR continuously since the VZ deal. I sold out completely many times, the first was when Maggie appeared on Mad Money. I like to buy when the stock goes down and sell on the rises. I have entry and exit points. I don't want to take all the money off the table just most of it. I like to sell the news' maybe a sell tomorrow. Maybe we can get a short squeeze tomorrow. I am not stuck in this stock I have made money buying and selling all the way down. It would be nice to work it the other way also. The main thing for me is not to lose money.

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