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  • sage2123 sage2123 Jun 4, 2014 9:00 AM Flag

    FTR goes ex-dividend tomorrow

    Should see some decent gains today.

    Go FTR!

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Sage: I believe that the drop we've seen in the price included the 10 cents that gets taken from the stock price to pay the dividend. So, the price SHOULD rebound and we are getting closer to the accretion of T-Ct.

      The banks around the world are flooding their economies with cash to fend off deflation, but what really needs to be accomplished is a greater number of jobs. Yes, the jobless percent is going down, but look at the reason for that. They're all the wrong reasons. Most of the people no longer look for jobs or have died.

      Once we see a millions jobs created in one month, then the economy will have turned the corner. Until then what we are seeing in the job market in is nothing to sustain a robust market. We'll be limping for the next two years. Once people are back to work that will solve a whole lot of problems. To solve more of the ills of this nation would be energy independence. That means the money we send overseas for oil who be spent in the U.S. Economy instead, thus, further shoring up our economy.

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      • How do you explain why the market is setting record highs, yet Frontier is not, not even close? The economy is the same for all these companies.
        Look at how many companies move jobs overseas, if you want to talk about joblessness. Yet these same companies want tax breaks to bring their monies back into the USA. Then they want people in the USA to buy their products. As for money going over seas for oil ect, these same companies want the USA to defend their enterprises with our military, paid for by the taxpayers of the USA, the same country that they are trying to avoid paying taxes too. If the CEO's are in favor of such moves, why are they living in the USA?

      • You are correct khemprof, except we'll not see 1,000,000 jobs created.

        There is no incentive to create these jobs.

        Technology has eliminated the need for this degree of labor, and the firm's cost of carrying an employee is too high thanks to government taxes and policies.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • So, Sage, If one bailed out pre-x-dividend date at 5.89 one does not collect that .10 dividend at 6/30. It is nice to take the profit and buy some back at 5.70, even better if it goes lower. Now that is a DRIP. Taking a profit (dividend) then reinvesting on the drop. Maybe I could sell on your drip date when it usually rises. Then again Maggie is the wild card, She talks, it rains ect. Until we get to that promised investment grade she promised from the VZ deal, her credibility lacks. Which makes me believe what she says about the T deal.

    • I'm still watching this stock. Keeping it going sage would be when Maggie bought VZ properties and lied on National TV. Thanks to her this stock will fall tomorrow. So glad I sold, however there are still my $7 options...hmm. I'm with you guys on this one. By the way, growing up [and yes GTE at the time], there was a guy, serious he came in to work one day with a rain coat on. He had plastered a note on his back. It said "Don't #$%$ up my back and tell me it's raining." Those in Ohio would get a kick out of it. Later,CD

    • We sort of think alike Sage,
      I just collected my 4TH dividend for FTR this quarter today. Sold out again it hit sell trigger point . Now it it drops back tomorrow or the next maybe It will hit the buy trigger. Maggie have any talks coming up? Do Returns In Profits. I rather enjoy being in control than having an automatic DRIP buy at the wrong time. Buy low sell high don't get greedy!

    • FTR usually trades down by more than $.10 on ex-divvy day.

      So you need to keep hooting sage and get that price back up.

    • What is a decent gain? What about that 6 you were pumping

4.07-0.02(-0.49%)Oct 21 4:00 PMEDT