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  • drdetroy2002 drdetroy2002 Aug 13, 2002 1:46 PM Flag

    Store Activity

    I would appreciate any comments on what the stores look like and the activity in the stores.

    The store at Livernois and Maple in Troy, Mi. has been cleaned up, the aisles are not cluttered and the personnel are friendly.

    This said, the traffic appears to be about normal to slightly slow.

    An aside note, my son was in Taos, NM last week and said the Wal Mart was very busy but cluttered and the prices were higher - appears where there is little to no competition results in Wal Mart jacking up the price and decreasing store care.

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    • K mart in Grand Rapids, Northern Minnesota was not very busy, except for the pharmacy. The pharmacy always seems busy the few times I have been in there(lots of people waiting). Otherwise, not many shoppers around, not many employees either, but they are helpful. Store shelves looked ok, some stuff missing but not too bad. Wal mart down the street,very busy and Target not busy--here I am just looking at the lot. I do not live in Rapids so take the comments for what they are worth, 2-3 visits over 6 mos.

    • You're correct about Walmart where there is NO competition. They will raise their prices in those areas to make up for any lower (competitive) prices in other areas. I believe that is Exactly why they don't put out a sale paper weekly, nationwide, but say they have "low prices everyday". That way, they can adjust prices accordingly, determined by the competition, or lack thereof.

      I can only speak for my store, but it is sparkeling clean, bright, cheerful, and relatively new and big. No clutter. Good employees, what are left of us. [very FEW, for a store our size].

      Traffic in the store is extremely slow. Back to school has been a pitiful disappointment.
      Sales are down double digits ever since wally opened about a 1/2 mile away.

    • Hello,was in 23 and VanDyke store today,absolutely spotless,and vey cool,pleasure to walk around to shop.
      But only thing wrong!ther was NO CUSTOMERS!
      and very little help on the floor,it was like a ghost town,Very sad for this company!

    • Normal is slow at should know better - typical Kmart!

    • Most Walmart stores are old and getting very
      dirty. They don't need shelves just put it on
      the floor in the begining. Kmart has cleaned
      up but, they have to stay on it. When management gets lazy so does everyone else.

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      • Walmart buildings ARE not as old as the Kmart buildings. Walmart has only been in this part of the country for about 15 years (Michigan)

        I have been to some Kmarts just to see if the rumors were true, I can take you to a store where nothing has changed from 2 years ago. I don't think they even sweep the floor..High volume stores will be dirty from shopper traffic that can't be true of Kmart.

    • Staten Islands had 2 sotres. Both of which are crowded. The one closest to me, which I can give the most adequate opinion of, is a joke. The associates were in the home area [lamps, towels, etc.] and were throwing the boxes down the isles at each other to pile on the shelves. These were boxes with lamps, vases, clocks, etc. Almost everything that was already on the shelf was taped - probably broken - bought and returned. I guess they figured that one out of every 10 people would be too lazy to return them so eventually they would be sold vs. sending back to the manufacturer and earning the loss. You can't find aomeone to help you anywhere and when you do, if it isn't someone for that department they act as though you are asking a question about something in a store across the parking lot. I know you are assigned to an area and trained for that area - but give it a break. I think the self checkout isles are great - although there will probably be lots of thefts because the woman who wathces them usually doesn't. It is too bad they can't get mechanical associates to - the fewer the people the better the store would be. P.S. There are some employees who were helpful too. The shelves/hangers for the most part are full [I did not witness throwing of anything but the breakables].