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  • virginia_marie_k virginia_marie_k Apr 25, 2000 9:30 PM Flag

    dumb question but.......

    How does ML know what the earnings will be?
    Another dumb question but......What if people who have
    lots and lots of KM stock (and play golf with certain
    people) have been shorting or hedgeing or whatever else
    people do when a stock is doing poorly... want this
    stock to stay low or go lower before earnings come
    out?? Maybe the earnings are bad......I was just
    wondering about the other side of it. NOW DON"T you all
    jump down my throat for asking either!! I just want to
    understand so I'm asking!

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    • This stock is at a bottom. You can tell by the
      sentiment on this board. The analysts are bringing out any
      bad news they can because they are covering their
      short position. Don't sell, you will regret it. KM will
      bottom in the next day or two and then up from