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  • mark.harrison54 mark.harrison54 Oct 21, 2009 7:19 PM Flag

    Herding Cats!

    Mgt. thinks of employees as herding cats. Somewhere they forgot that leadership and motivation and geniune concerns for employees is a two way street.
    My biggest worry is that Gregg is trying to make Computers the third leg of their business model.. BAD MOVE they are too late to this market and should focus on what they do the best Apples and TV's..What a joke they have older employees in Appliances and are trying to get them to sell computers because the Audio and TV sales people refuse to be caught dead in computers. No commission there. So would you be confident in learning about your computing needs from an older person or a younger person. Anyway BB and Apple have all of the confidence of the consumers.

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    • One other point, is that all you got shorty??


    • Since you asked.

      I have been around a long time so I fit into your "older person" category. Over the years I have learned a thing or two in my field that younger people have yet to experience. This could be valuable should I be in sales.

      So walk up to the salesperson no matter the age and let the salesperson show what he/she knows about the product whether it be computers or dog collars. You are already in the store so no big waste of time AND you might learn that your prejudice against "older persons" might be misplaced.


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      • Most young sales people at big-box electronics stores nowadays strike me as being incredibly unknowledgeable about the products they're trying to sell. They get stumped by 90% of the questions I ask. And these are basic questions that I'm asking them.

        About 6 or 7 year ago I used to buy a lot of stuff at my local Circuit City store because there was a guy there in his 60s who knew everything about every product in the camera and video departments. Then Circuit City apparently decided to lay off their most experienced employees and replace them with stupid kids in order to reduce labor costs. After that, I could never get a straight answer from anybody about anything, and the service was abysmal. Circuit City eventually went bankrupt.

        I suppose that when it comes to video games, young sales people would probably be quite knowledgeable, however.

      • How much do you think an "older person", that works at H.H. gregg as a fully commissioned sales person, really has to offer? And do you really think he'll have YOUR interests in mind, or his? Come on, give me a break. They sell computers at cost, with the hopes of selling you an extended warranty(pure profit) and accessories(highly profitable). They're just trying to take market share.

      • Good Point!
        Now tell me How Green! is this company?
        Do they recycle the wasted paper? Do they recyle in the break rooms. Soda cans?
        Is selling Green really really a true interest
        or just a sales gimmick? I think you get the picture....

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