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  • cantgthrtondirt cantgthrtondirt Jan 28, 2008 11:20 PM Flag

    rah rah rah, sellers every fking time @ 15.94

    this could easily be dead money, if you are worried about your kids, I would DARE YOU TO COMPARE TO A 4.5% CD, compounded, just a thought, although, they are crushing the dollar and rates on 6-mo CDs are now 3.75%, but that is zero risk. Not a short or basher, but a CD outperformed the S&P last year, you may either be in denial because you think you need to buy stocks or plain stupid. For your kids, that's too bad, your a moron, in the case you can't add up net gains in a bear market, when you should be in cash, good luck.
    Sometimes cash is king. No worry, no loss of principal. But some of the idiots I encounter on these boards aren't old enough to know that, or sit on $500K cash like I do.

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    • now,now cantgthrton..
      only democrats get to win disagreements by calling other people idiots...
      many of us on this board bought CNP in the $10 to $12 range a few years back.... we are not hurting or moaning with CNP in the $15 range.
      Also compared to any CD or money market deal, CNP has treated us well, plus gives us a rising 4.5% dvd... so I am sure we are way ahead of your 500k in the bank.
      Think long term.....

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