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  • zhou_shengtao zhou_shengtao May 16, 2011 11:28 PM Flag

    Buying target of Medtronic

    In the 10-Q, it said Medtronic will fund the whole Phase 1 trial unless something unexpected happens. But Nile can't get another investor, everything will go Medtronic first.

    Looks like it's a buying target from Medtronic.

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    • Yes, I also agree, however I think Nile will use the $2.5 Million to pay Medtronic Back.

    • news should out soon on P1a, that's all.

    • You mean a "Buyout Target". Add now for sure...there may even be competitors for their drug.

    • 10-Q

      Collaboration Agreement

      In February 2011, we entered into a Clinical Trial Funding Agreement with Medtronic, Inc. Pursuant to the agreement, Medtronic will provide the funding and equipment necessary for us to conduct our planned Phase I clinical trial to assess the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of cenderitide when delivered to heart failure patients through continuous subcutaneous infusion using Medtronic's diabetes pump technology. In accordance with the agreement, Medtronic will provide the funding necessary to conduct the Phase I clinical trial and will supply the pumps and related equipment for use therein.

      Under the agreement, we have agreed not to enter into an agreement with a third party to develop or commercialize cenderitide or any drug/device combination developed under the agreement until the earlier of: (i) three months following delivery to Medtronic of a final database with respect to the Phase I trial; and
      (ii) 15 months after the date of the agreement.

      The agreement provides that intellectual property conceived in or otherwise resulting from the performance of the Phase I clinical trial shall be jointly owned by us and Medtronic (the "Joint Intellectual Property"), and that we shall pay royalties to Medtronic based on the net sales of any Nile product, the manufacture, use or sale of which is covered or claimed in one or more issued patents constituting Joint Intellectual Property. The agreement further provides that, if the parties fail to enter into a definitive commercial license agreement with respect to cenderitide, then each party shall have a right of first negotiation to license exclusive rights to any Joint Intellectual Property.

      The agreement will remain in effect until the completion of the Phase I clinical trial unless terminated earlier by either party (i) if the other has materially breached its obligations thereunder, (ii) if the other party becomes subject to a bankruptcy or similar proceeding, (iii) for reasons related to the safety, efficacy, toxicity or formulation of cenderitide, or (iv) for a failure of the study to meet its endpoints. Also, Medtronic may terminate the agreement without cause at any time upon 90 days written notice to us, in which event Medtronic shall be obligated to pay for any non-cancelable costs incurred by us prior to such termination.